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Climate change effects are being felt more intensely around the world. The increased frequency of adverse weather events over the last year is a constant reminder that climate change is happening more quickly and with greater intensity than predicted. The window for action to prevent the catastrophic effects of climate change is rapidly closing.  

Deloitte is helping lead the transformation toward a lower-carbon future. We’re advising clients on their sustainability journeys, as well as implementing our own meaningful, measurable, transparent actions. We continue to advance WorldClimate, Deloitte’s environmental sustainability ambition, achieving notable progress and laying the groundwork for further climate action in the year ahead. We are also extending our impact beyond ourselves by empowering our people, influencing our suppliers, and engaging and collaborating across the broader ecosystem. 

We are doing this is by creating and connecting networks to drive change and action. One example of this is our partnership with Dublin City University (DCU) Centre for Climate and Society. We are supporting the Centre’s mission to examine how different social arenas can influence climate action. With the Centre for Climate and Society we are bringing different stakeholders from politics, media, education, and policy together. We are also part of Chapter Zero Ireland, an organisation established to empower non-executive directors to lead crucial boardroom discussions on the impacts of climate change.  

The time for incremental action is over and we will continue to respond with urgency, collaborating across our global organisation and taking practical, impactful steps to drive the necessary transformation.