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Message from our CEO

CEO foreword

Welcome to our 2023 Impact Report. The last year was another where the world experienced challenge, change and uncertainty. As a society we have faced inflation, war in Europe, a continued housing crisis, wildfires, some of the hottest temperatures since records began, and rapid advancements in technology and generative AI – to name but a few. Despite these, I am proud of how we have supported our people and our communities as we have continued to serve our clients with distinction.

The choices we make are determined by our shared values – to serve with integrity, lead the way, collaborate for impact and foster inclusion. Through the collective energy, ingenuity and skills of our 3,000+ people, we have the opportunity to drive change in our communities and broader society. Over the last year we have continued to invest in our WorldImpact programmes to make a tangible impact in areas of critical need such as education and skills-building, climate action and sustainability, and diversity, equity and inclusion. We recognise that there is still a lot of work to be done as we strive for a more sustainability and equitable world. As we continue the journey, this report brings to life some of the ways we are working towards positive social outcomes in our own business and in the work we do for our clients.

For our people

We continue to focus on advancing gender balance across our business. Gender pay gap reporting provides transparency, identifying areas of focus and informing our action plans. Our plans seek to move us to zero pay gap reporting for our people and to significantly close the gap for our partners during their lifetime. In support of these we provide training, mentoring and sponsorship across our organisation.

We have invested over €3 million in learning and development support for our people, helping them in their growth and to achieve their career goals. We also continuously engage with our people, and through our Engage for Change programme, we have opened a dialogue for open and honest feedback about our people’s experiences. This feedback is used to influence and inform the choices and actions we make to continually improve and support our people live their purpose. One of the ways we are doing this is through dedicating time and space for our people to use their skills and expertise to give back to their communities. 

For our communities

Through WorldImpact, our portfolio of initiatives focused on making a tangible impact in the greatest areas of societal need, we have committed €5 million over three years to leverage the power of our network to address the most critical issues we face today. 

Diversity of thought and experience is essential to ensuring we are providing the highest quality services to our clients. We are investing to unlock talent in our communities through a number of programmes. The Development Internship gives those awaiting a final decision on international protection/refugee status access to work experience. The Return-to-Work programme offers people who have had breaks in their careers the opportunity to return to the workforce through a structured support programme. Through our work with Business in the Community and others, we will continue to invest in a more inclusive society. 

Our flagship fundraiser, One Good Turn, invited our people from across the island of Ireland to come together to walk, hike, run, swim or cycle. Funds raised through this one-day event went back into our communities through the Change X Community Response Fund supporting Ukrainian refugees, and Simon NI. 

For our clients

Our client’s challenges continue to grow in complexity. As the world’s largest professional services firm, we have the ability to bring together people with varied skillsets from across the world – from engineers, analysts and technicians to auditors, tax specialists and designers – to build tailored teams to respond to their needs. Central to how we respond is our focus on the future. Our investments in our teams’ capabilities and resources helps us to advise, build and execute robust solutions. Over the last 12 months we’ve supported clients with complex ESG regulation, embedding climate action into business operations; readied businesses to protect themselves against rising cyber threats and financial crime, driven operational transformation and embedded digital in every layer of their organisation. 

We will continue this work as well as sharpen our focus on educating and equipping boards and leadership teams to respond to these issues, ensuring companies of all sizes are fit for the future. 

Our investments in recruitment, learning and development as well as leading technology reflect how we’re responding to our client needs. For example, in June, we announced 300 new jobs, many of which will be part of a recently established Cork based Technology and Analytics Hub to support our clients on their digital journey.

As we look towards the Ireland of the future, this decade is critical in ensuring we can deliver a sustainable, affordable and accessible future for the next generation. 

Our Transparency Report, which launches alongside our Impact Report today, highlights our role in instilling confidence in the capital markets, underpinned by trust, transparency and good governance. We will continue to collaborate with stakeholders to deliver change, and bring an objective and independent position to the fore.

As I think about the challenges we’re facing as a society, it is clear that businesses can no longer watch from the sidelines. We must be part of the public dialogue on macro issues – social inclusion, the climate crisis – and play an active role. It’s not only what our stakeholders and our people expect, but it is the right thing to do. This is no easy feat, but we are committed to working with all relevant stakeholders to build a better future for all.