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Supporting the next generation of diverse business and board leaders

Investing in future business leaders is very important to us as a firm. To deliver on this, we provide a number of market leading programmes and bespoke activities designed to develop leaders and help them in times of change.  

Investing in future leadership through partnerships and market leading programmes 

Partnering with the 30% Club on the Board Ready programme

A core value of Deloitte is encouraging diversity in all arenas, particularly gender balance. To this end, we have worked with the 30% Club in Ireland, to encourage women to actively consider a future executive or non-executive director role. Our Board Ready programme has supported nearly 130 women over the past five years. Many of the participants have taken on board roles across a range of sectors.

Rather than providing technical learning, the programme focuses on equipping women with the pathways, tools and expertise they need to be board ready. This is achieved by creating networking opportunities and showcasing third party subject matter experts offering insights on topics relevant to board agendas. The programme also gives access to experienced non-executive directors at different stages of their board careers, sharing insights and learnings that provide huge value to the participants.

As a board member, individuals will face challenging situations and surprises. When armed with the tools for boardroom discussions and a network of peers with whom to share experiences, they are supported to succeed in board positions. The Board Ready programme offers participants this unique combination. We also run a number of programme alumni networking events to connect participants from all cohorts.

NextGen CFO programme and Transition Labs

Our European-wide NextGen CFO programme of peer networking sessions and intensive workshops is designed to offer clients unique insights into the CFO role and its requirements.

The Transition Lab is a personalised one-day workshop that helps individuals to frame their priorities, assess their talent and identify different approaches to manage complex stakeholder relationships. These workshops are facilitated by experienced industry partners, and in some cases market leading associates. To date we have helped over 100 executives and leaders to transition successfully to new roles or to amplify their presence in existing ones. 

“I really was blown away by the day. I never had an experience like that before and probably won’t ever have the opportunity to do something like that again. It was exciting, challenging and hugely valuable for me.”

Tax Leader, Global Business 

Global Boardroom Programme

The Deloitte Global Boardroom Programme brings together the knowledge and experience of Deloitte member firms worldwide. The programme addresses critical topics of universal interest to company boards and management. In Ireland, our boardroom programmes are centred on the creation of a non-executive director community through regular online content, in-person and virtual events, and access to relevant international content. 

Through our programmes Deloitte equips the next generation of board members and business leaders with confidence, knowledge, and supportive networks. In a complex business environment these are essential resources that will prove invaluable in responding to future challenges. 

Leadership engagement Boardmatch

Engaging our own people and helping them to play a leading role on charity boards by using their skills and expertise for a cause they are passionate about is part of our social impact strategy. In 2022, Deloitte entered partnership with Boardmatch, a not-for-profit board recruitment specialist, to connect our people with relevant board volunteer opportunities. In the last year, there have been 36 applications to the programme, with all prospective board members undertaking charity trustee training. Several successful placements have been made including LauraLynn, Irish Foster Care Association and the Dyslexia Association of Ireland.  

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