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Digital Enablement

Turning your transformation into a successful journey

Digital transformation is the use of technology to radically improve the performance or reach of an organisation. In a digitally transformed business, digital technologies enable improved processes, engaged talent, and new business models.

Achieving digital transformation isn’t driven by mastery of the technologies, but by the ability to articulate the value of digital technologies to an organisation’s future. A clear digital strategy, backed by leaders who can foster a culture of embracing change, is critical to the digital reimagining of an organisation.

While digital strategy is unique to each company, digitally maturing organisations often share some common traits:

  • Technology might be hard to implement successfully, but culture, people and transformation can be even harder. Since the 1970s, the rate of failure of organisational transformation projects has remained constant at 60-70%. Something is missing from the equation in these projects: the human element.
  • 51% of companies are currently in the process of redesigning their organisations to embrace digital business models. However, for a successful digital transformation, organisations cannot just focus on the technology elements – they must consider their organisation strategy, leadership, culture and talent.
  • A data review conducted by Prosci demonstrated that 94% of programmes with "excellent" change management met or exceeded their objectives.


Now is the time to invest in Digital Enablement Change Management.

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