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The future of interoperability and defence

Interoperability in the future must expand its scope to take on more complex threats

Interoperability in the future must be expanded beyond its current military application to participants from the NGO and private sector who can support militaries in the fight against grey zone threats, cyber conflict, and threats to the international rule-based order. These new participants can bring their deep expertise to augment the military response.

Future threats to countries like Ireland may include elements of targeted or Europe-wide disinformation campaigns, cyber threats to critical infrastructure and interference with democratic processes that potentially could result in a fatal loss of trust in public institutions, regional security concerns and the dismantling of trade and immigration agreements that are counterproductive to advancing Irish national interests.

This Deloitte Global paper discusses the importance and changing nature of interoperability in countering threats likely to be encountered by a country like Ireland in the future.

Hear from Shane Mohan, Partner, Consulting and Government and Public Services Lead

NATO is an expression of the potential of interoperability. Future participants countering threats in Ireland for example, could also include international private technology, logistics and manufacturing companies as well as personnel from the NGO sector. Varying degrees of interoperability between these actors can augment Ireland’s response to these threats, giving it the scale, expertise, and comparative advantage to successfully counter them.

Hear from Kieran O’Neill, Partner, Consulting and Government and Public Services

Flexible interoperability has great potential in enabling military forces to have access to adjust and integrate with others more quickly to anticipate and respond to the required mission, critical situation, allies and/or technology.

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