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Government Trends 2022

What are the most transformational trends in the public sector today?

We invite you to explore this year's ten trends that focus on how governments are striving to become future-ready post-pandemic. We cover the most transformative trends in government today, grouped under three themes—building resilience, connected for greater value, and government for all the people.

Global Government Trends 2022

Geopolitical issues continue to present unique challenges for governments: a supply chain crisis, coupled with massive economic disruption, and unprecedented demands for social support. This has reshaped the world and accelerated the rate at which governments are adapting to change to become future-ready.

The report captures 10 of the most transformative trends in government today, grouped under three themes:

  • Building resilience: Focus on long-term resiliency to future shocks
  • Connected for greater value: Overhaul and integration of structures, systems, and data-sharing to drive greater impact
  • Government for all the people: Making programs and services truly equitable and inclusive

The 2022 report distills extensive research on government, including what’s happening in the trenches. Our collaboration this year with Apolitical brings you voices from the frontlines—public servants who are pioneering these innovative trends.

View the global webpage here.

Key Trends

Evolution of Government Trends in Ireland

Governments across the globe are grappling with similar issues to Ireland, including supply-chains, climate, social care, digital and data challenges among others. There are however global trends emerging that are relevant to Ireland and have yet to be addressed domestically, which is reflective of the fast-paced and disruptive environment we are living in today. The wider public sector community should take comfort in knowing that Ireland is not alone in the many challenges we face in these turbulent times.

The themes covered in the first two Government Trends reports are still relevant today.  A number of issues, such as digital government, have been a constant theme in Ireland throughout the years.  With a connected government, it is increasingly important that public sector bodies are aligned in how they can engage with citizens, while also building trust among people in how they use data and technology.

Other issues such as inclusive services have come to greater prominence more recently.  This is reflective of significant societal changes around inclusion and diversity which we are also experiencing in Ireland.

One prominent theme is the growing importance of resilient governments, which captures the mood and sentiment of the impact of COVID-19 over the last few years.  We are seeing this continue further with other geopolitical issues, such as the Ukraine crisis. 

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