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Irish 2022 Outlook for Real Estate

Gaining ground

John Doddy, Partner and Real Estate Leader, Deloitte Ireland, assesses the prospects for Ireland’s commercial real estate market.

The overall outlook for the real estate market in 2022 is favourable, on the back of a particularly active fourth quarter in 2021.

Several factors are driving this optimistic outlook, despite the turbulence wrought by COVID-19. The economy is performing strongly and is seen as an attractive one in which to invest. The level of foreign direct investment in Ireland continued to rise in 2021 and is expected to continue throughout 2022. There is also an unprecedented level of capital to be deployed as a direct result of the Central Bank’s COVID-19 response stimulus packages. However, key challenges remain, particularly in relation to cost, policy, planning risk, and planning permissions, while the infrastructure deficit in residential housing remains a key social, political and economic issue.

The key takeaways from our Outlook

What Irish Real Estate companies need to know.

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