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Crane Survey 2024

Real Estate planning and development statistics


The Deloitte Annual Crane Survey report provides a detailed analysis of the development landscape in the Republic of Ireland. It details construction activity across the following sectors; Student Accommodation, Hotels, Offices and Residential. In particular, it discusses the completion of new space in each of these sectors in 2023, along with volumes under construction at present. In addition to analysing development activity, this report also provides an overview of key indicators detailing the changing nature of demand for this new space. Examples of these include trends in student enrolments, tourism data, office valuations and a breakdown of residential stock. Lastly, this report discusses, at a glance, just some of the policies that will likely impact development activity over the coming year.

Do we count cranes? Sadly not, the Deloitte Crane Survey originated in the UK 28 years ago and has grown to be a respected and trusted brand and publication over time. We use the Crane as a metaphor as it is a clear symbol on the skyline that activity is happening beneath.

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