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Discovery and Data Management Operate services

Operate with clarity and confidence.

Complexity from emerging privacy laws and rising data volumes make it more important than ever to embed robust controls and fast, effective management of data that’s critical to meeting compliance obligations and managing unpredictable events. Deloitte’s Discovery & Data Management Operate services put talent and technology to work, modernizing your ability to respond.

Embed clarity and confidence in Discovery & Data Management operations.

Amid the complexity of rising data volumes and escalating privacy requirements, it’s more important than ever to embed robust controls for the seamless data management that is critical to responding to obligations of all kinds—from litigation to investigations, and from M&A to regulatory compliance. Deloitte’s innovative Discovery & Data Management (D&DM) Operate services put talent and technology to work, modernizing your ability to respond.

Our D&DM Operate services embed continuous advantage so legal departments and general counsels get the actionable intelligence they need to operate with confidence and clarity.

We bring a hybrid mix of specialized talent with innovative, AI-powered technologies across global delivery centers, including alternative staffing models (offshore, contractors and project associates) that deliver efficient, tailored, and cost-effective 24x7x365 support.

Our Discovery & Data Management Operate services are customized to meet your specific needs and deliver high-quality execution at sustainable cost.

  1. Collection: Deloitte maintains full digital forensic lab capabilities in key data protection jurisdictions around the world and has invested in multiple collection technologies to support the required platform in the required country. We regularly test and update our methodologies to provide multiple options as platforms and even regulation changes. Following a comprehensive mapping exercise, data is collected, preserved and forensically secured in the most appropriate format for the matter at hand.
  2. Processing: Deloitte uses industry leading data processing technologies to help with the pre-culling, culling, and processing phases of an engagement. We are able to scale and configure each project to the unique specifications that the case demands by leveraging on premise or Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. In addition, we have EDSC located in 35 countries and each location supports processing capabilities. Large-scale processing takes place in our primary data centers, and Deloitte has the ability to set up short-term processing and hosting environments in virtually any Deloitte or client location, as needed.
  3. Hosting: Deloitte offers multiple secure online hosting and review options for our clients. Depending on the matter type, data volumes, case theory, and number of concurrent users, we have scalable offerings to meet specific needs. Deloitte also has the ability to quickly set up short-term processing and hosting centers at Deloitte offices, client facilities, or other sites—using either preconfigured mobile units or standard technology stacks that we can ship from our primary data centers to the desired location.
  4. AI enabled data review services: Deloitte’s Document Review Services team assists your organization and your legal counsel by helping to improve the overall document review process. Our focus is on streamlining the review, improving accuracy, and creating cost savings through leading practices and workflows such as pre-and post-processing data culling, the use of predictive coding and other analytics, and providing real-time reporting. In addition, we can provide consultative support to your outside counsel regarding quality control workflows, privilege logs, and document chronologies and synopses.
  1. Digital Forensic & Technology Investigations: Deloitte has decades of experience in conducting complex technology investigations, digital forensic incident response, mobile device analysis, cloud discovery, expert witness and proactive advisory services. Whether you need to react quickly and confidently, or work proactively in relation to a crisis, investigation or dispute, we’ll help you deliver valuable intelligence to understand the who, what, where, when, why and how of the issue.
  2. Technology Advisory & Expert Witness: Deloitte has decades of experience in conducting complex technology investigations, digital forensic incident response, mobile device analysis, cloud discovery, expert witness and proactive advisory services. Whether you need to react quickly and confidently, or work proactively in relation to a crisis, investigation or dispute, we’ll help you deliver valuable intelligence to understand the who, what, where, when, why and how of the issue.
  3. Data Breach & Privacy Notification: Deloitte works with clients dealing with a data breach to automate as much of the PII review process as possible by leveraging PII identification tools and technology accelerators. These proprietary tools and workflows allow us to help clients to quickly identify PII and reduce the costs associated with a full review of the affected data set. In many markets, Deloitte is the only end-to-end provider of incident response services (providing services related to threat containment, Forensics, Dark Web monitoring and Breach coach services through our affiliated law firm, Deloitte Legal, as well as PII review services).
  4. Data Remediation: Deloitte’s data remediation services helps organizations reduce their stored data volumes by identifying and removing unnecessary data. Employee involvement in the disposition decisioning reinforces corporate records policies and provides a valuable model for ongoing data hygiene. The use of data segmentation and classification tools inform employee decisions on what to keep, where to keep it, and what data can be defensibly deleted from legal and regulatory compliance perspectives. Well defined corporate legal hold and records processes are foundational for the success of these initiatives.
  5. Information Governance Programs: Deloitte helps clients assess, develop, and implement improved policies and processes that both drive business efficiency through collaboration and organizational trust in information, as well as enable compliance with requirements to both retain and dispose of records in timely accordance with a broad and shifting set of regulations.
  6. We accomplish this through both traditional strategic consulting engagements that involve assessment, gap analysis, and future state road maps for client programs, as well as supporting tactical efforts at data classification in the service of data disposition, including remediation, cloud migration, or M&A activities.
  7. Structured Data Analytics: Deloitte performs research and analysis that goes beyond the standardized search criteria found on common eDiscovery platforms. We work closely with you and industry specialists to extract and analyze structured data from disparate systems and link that data to unstructured data. We leverage experience and leading-edge technologies to create rule-sets and predictive models designed to provide clarity on complex, data-intensive cases. Additionally, we provide you with customized reporting through theanalysis of text and structured data to provide a more transparent view and ultimately a better understanding of the matter.
  8. Claims Management: Deloitte has developed a claims management solution which offers clients a secure, flexible and robust platform to run and manage their class actions with a claims management requirement. Our solution starts with claims intake through claims review and validation, all the way through to claims processing and communication to the end claimant. The platform enables claims management teams to quickly adapt to ever-changing requirements and rulings in a cost-efficient manner without reducing usability or customization abilities. Our claims management platform is suitable for claims matter of various sizes with the ability to quickly scale up; it can support hundreds of personnel working within the system at once with various teams and responsibilities built into the platform’s process.
  9. Legal Intake & Workflow Management: Deloitte helps clients design, configure and integrate existing enterprise technologies to better connect the business and legal functions. The use of pre-determined workflows, legal front door functionality, self-service capabilities, knowledge management and automation helps to bring clarity, operational efficiency and accountability to disjointed processes and teams.
  10. Contract Management & Analytics: Deloitte’s AI-enabled contract management services helps you build, review, and manage a contract lifecycle framework that helps sustain and secure your business interests, while bringing efficiency into the process. We can help you identify key contracts faster to better facilitate the enforcement of your rights, renegotiate contracts, and identify potential areas of lost revenue or stranded costs.
  11. Communications Monitoring: Deloitte helps clients perform proactive monitoring of internal and external communications to identify higher risk interactions that may require compliance remediation efforts. Ongoing business milestones, market events and proliferation of alternative communication channels can increase monitoring complexity and cost—our AI enabled monitoring solution has reduced overall review time by upwards of 50% and improved risk detection for our clients.
  12. Advisory & Litigation Support
  13. Discovery Program Management

How Discovery & Data Management Operate works

With rising data volumes and evolving compliance demands, go beyond conventional approaches with seamless discovery and data management that bring insight and innovation at speed and scale, anywhere in the world.

Leveraging new technology and talent combinations, we apply modern playbooks to deliver discovery and data management operations that are both agile and predictable—at the pace of demand.

Our systems, workflow and processes—coupled with innovative dashboards—give you a clear line of sight on progress, key performance indicators and mitigated risks—embedding confidence amid complexity in high-pressure moments.

Embed continuous advantage. Operate with Deloitte.

Organizations are looking to grow and innovate. New disruptive technologies are both making and breaking them. With sought-after skills often scarce and an evolving legal and regulatory environment challenging, it’s hard to keep up, let alone respond to the pace of change that’s reshaping business today.

Deloitte offers you a new way to embed continuous advantage by delivering the right combination of hard-to-source domain and industry talent, technology and transformation know-how, where they’re needed most. Even as needs change.

You remain in the driver’s seat while we focus on delivering outcomes. From cybersecurity to tax compliance, to custom application creation and ongoing development, our unique portfolio of Operate services allow you to perform and innovate continuously, accelerate growth, and manage risk with confidence.

This is an opportunity to move beyond traditional outsourced services into a world where you operate with agility, through embedded experience, cutting-edge technology and automation, data insights, and advantage needed to maximize opportunities again and again.


in your data, legal, cyber and compliance operations


and consistent protocols


capacity for unplanned events


response times in high-pressure moments

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