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Deloitte recognized as a global leader in Workforce Management Consulting, ranked #1 in depth of services by ALM

News release

NEW YORK, NY, USA, 21 June 2019—ALM Intelligence has ranked Deloitte as a global leader, securing the top position for the second year in a row, in the report entitled Workforce Management Consulting 2019. Deloitte also ranked #1 in depth of services for the second consecutive year—highlighting its continued recognition as the leader in this space.


On workforce management consulting, Liz DeVito, Associate Director, Management Consulting Research at ALM, highlights, “Deloitte’s technology innovations over the past year have strengthened the depth, scale, and scope of its workforce analytical services. What is resonating most with clients, however, is the deep functional and industry knowledge Deloitte brings to imagining the future of work, not only in the normal course of service delivery, but in its greenhouse labs, professional forums, research, and thought leadership.”

Deloitte not only continues to evolve its offerings to meet the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but has invested a distinct practice to focus on today’s most pressing workforce transformation issues. Through this offering, Deloitte provides cross-functional solutions that enable businesses to reimagine workforce management for the future.

“To Deloitte, this accolade speaks to our ongoing commitment to help clients realize business transformation through a forward-looking workforce strategy,” says David Brown, Deloitte Global Workforce Transformation leader. “As automation continues to impact every industry, job, and task, Deloitte has an important opportunity to leverage the depth and breadth of our human capital capabilities to unlock business value and shape the future workforce.”

According ALM, workforce management consulting is defined as “professional services directed at the strategic management of human capital. Its objective is to improve an organization’s ability to plan for the human resources, skills, and workplace environment needed to achieve business objectives and goals.”

Additional report findings

  • “Deloitte believes the dynamics of the digital economy have rendered a universal truth in business that, simply stated, every transformation is a workforce transformation. The trends that have converged to fundamentally alter business models and customer relationships apply equally to work, says Deloitte: how it gets done, who does it, and where.”
  • “To illustrate its perspective, Deloitte offers a Future of Work model focused on these dimensions. The construct encourages a holistic view of the challenges involved in workforce transformation, moving beyond the basics of labor supply and demand to consider the interplay of transformative technologies, the boundary-less office, and the open talent market.”
  • “The [network’s] consulting approach thus applies the principles of digital transformation to the design and adoption of workforce strategies that are agile, humancentric, and experience-driven.”
  • “Workforce management consulting is offered through Deloitte’s Workforce Transformation practice, which represents the formal organization of services and solutions dedicated to helping companies transform their workforces in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”
  • “Anchored in the Human Capital Consulting business, Workforce Transformation further functions as a governing structure for harnessing consulting and advisory capabilities from across the enterprise in service of a singular value proposition. In addition to human capital consulting, these services include digital, operations, risk, strategy, tax, and technology consulting.”
  • “Lastly, Workforce Transformation claims a dedicated team of data scientists responsible for workforce and HR analytics, scenario modeling, and other data-based services. Deloitte’s Workforce Transformation practice provides end-to-end consulting services and solutions that enable clients to create a modernized approach to workforce management that strengthens the connection between the employee experience and business strategy.”
  • “The [network] brings a full range of competencies to the table, from human capital strategy and workforce planning to talent sourcing, learning, mobility, workforce analytics, and HR transformation.”
  • “Service delivery organizes around a proprietary framework designed to shift mindsets from traditional workforce planning value chains to a process of Imagine, Compose, and Activate. In the Imagine phase, clients are guided through art-of-the-possible exercises for envisioning workforce models that bring future-focused business strategies to life. The Compose stage guides clients through the design of workforces and workplaces that take advantage of automation, location, and alternative talent models. The Activate stage replaces a traditional attract-develop-retain model with access-curate-engage implementation strategies that deliver on the employer brand and employee experience.”
  • “The framework provides a useful construct for demystifying the complexities of workforce trends, assessing their potential impact on the client’s business strategy and enabling the application of agile and design thinking principles to the development of workforce management solutions.”
  • “Each phase of the process is underpinned by services and solutions that provide a data-driven, technology-enabled, and scalable approach to all aspects of workforce management. Solutions advanced in the past year include Hexis, a subscription-based tool that provides clients with real-time predictive insights into the impact of future-of-work trends on their industry and what it means to their organization.”
  • “AONA (Adaptable Organization Network Analysis) combines tools covering formal structure analysis, network analysis, work complexity, and customer mission alignment to help clients understand how their organization actually works to achieve customer outcomes.”
  • “Deloitte also is building tools to automate the manual classification of competencies (Cognitive Personnel), as well as the manual processes of the global mobility life cycle. Workforce Transformation services are delivered by every member firm in Deloitte’s global network, with access to the complete portfolio of approaches, methodologies, tools, and intellectual capital available through the WT Digital Hub.”

As used in this press release, “Deloitte” refers only to the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firms and their affiliates.