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Empowering frontline workers in the consumer industry

Strategies to recruit, retain, and reward frontline workers

Engaging with frontline talent ft. FedEx

Among the many pandemic-related challenges that the consumer industry has weathered, increasing talent shortage and turnover rates of frontline workforce continues to be a major hurdle. How are companies navigating this current landscape of frontline talent? What are some of the leading talent strategies that companies can leverage to retain and reward their employees? Tune in to hear from Barb Wallander, SVP, Human Resources and FedEx Express, and Cathy Gutierrez, Workforce Transformation leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP.

Employees are going to continue to be drawn to a company that stands by its employees and gives employees something to believe in, and shows that they take care of their employees. Comp and benefits, those are table stakes. Those are expected, but workers, they’re going to be attracted to the brand and trust the companies that have a good reputation.

          Barb Wallander, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, FedEx Express

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