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Looking to be a tech specialist with the world’s largest professional services network?

You can with Deloitte Tax & Legal. No tax or legal experience? No worries, it’s your tech skills we need.

Make your mark working with great people on challenging assignments, and help solve critical business and social issues for high-profile clients.

Why choose Deloitte Tax & Legal now?

  • We’re working with the technologies everyone is talking about and you will be too: robotics process automation, AI, cognitive, software development, natural language processing, machine learning, analytics, UX, and virtual reality. If you know tech, this is your chance to make a big impact.
  • Good news for you. Deloitte is recognized as one of the best places to work. You’ll team in an open, creative, flexible environment and work on technology projects with over 1,200 technologists globally.
  • Technological advances are changing the world at an exponential rate. You’ll be one of the people working with machines to drive evolutionary change with revolutionary impact—helping Deloitte T&L to navigate the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Learn on the job, online, in the classroom, and at Deloitte University—and have the freedom to explore the latest technologies in an environment where you will grow.

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You wouldn’t think working in Tax is exciting, but no two days are the same. It’s never boring. Challenges for our global clients are becoming more complex—regulation, compliance, rapid changes, demand for greater speed, and efficiency. For instance, you might be talking to a client in Berlin in the morning, Boston in the afternoon, and jumping on a flight to Bangkok at 6 p.m.

Smart, creative, and really passionate about what we do. On Tax & Legal teams, we manage with a little help from our friends. We support each other from start-to-finish on projects, have each other’s backs, give our best, and are not only great colleagues, we’re friends whether we live nearby or on the other side of the world.

You’ll be working in an open, creative, dynamic, and collaborative environment—where leaders listen, and good ideas are welcomed. We’re also known for our flexibility. That’s one of the reasons why Deloitte is frequently named as one of the best places to work—and we celebrate our differences. This is a place where you can be you.

As the cliché goes, a career is a journey. In Tax & Legal, you have leaders, coaches, mentors, and colleagues to support you every step of the way. While you’re developing the next hot app, you’ll have people around the global network helping you develop your skills and build your career. Teaming with Tax & Legal professionals, you get the big business picture and dig deep into the technology weeds.

You’ve built your tech skills and now you will have a chance to use them to develop and deploy technology-based solutions. Robotics, AI, Cognitive, Software Development, Analytics, UX, and Virtual Reality are the hot technologies, and we’re working with them to meet complex business challenges, to innovate, and help guide clients to digitization.