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Legal Operating Models:

Transform with confidence

Plan with foresight. Manage with insight. Respond with agility and speed. Do more with less. When legal departments embrace the Power of With to transform their operating model, they can focus on more efficient matter management, derive smart insights from data that they previously couldn’t access, and facilitate more effective legal risk management.

That’s the Power of With.

Proceed with purpose

Gain insights on how an effective legal operating model strategy can pave the way to a digitally-transformed legal department

Starting with technology to solve your legal function’s business challenges—and you may go down the wrong path. Get your legal operating model strategy firmly in place first. Strategic planning will drive long-term sustainable change versus taking a quick “bandage” approach.

How to design and optimise your legal operating model

Companies face many challenging decisions in designing their legal operating model. What should Legal functions be considering helping them take the right design decisions? We will discuss:

  • What do we mean by an operating model?
  • A representation of a typical legal operating model.
  • Diagnosing the operating model.
  • Design consideration 1: Building a service catalogue for an in-house legal function.
  • Design consideration 2: In-house v outsource.

Gain insight into the factors to consider while designing your legal operating model. This topic should be of interest to General counsel at multinational companies, Heads of Operations for in-house legal functions, legal COOs, legal CFOs, and in-house legal specialists.

Deliver with confidence

Introducing Deloitte Legal Management Consulting

The current global business landscape creates a compelling reason for legal departments to rethink their operating model, achieve greater efficiencies and increase the value they deliver back to the business. Learn how your legal department can be prepared to take on the future.

Lead with authority

Discover how the Deloitte Legal experience can help you keep pace with the commercial needs of the business and the operational demands it places on the legal department.

Tech Bytes: Legal technology for chief legal officers

Technology trends and solutions for corporate legal operations

To help chief legal officers (CLOs) explore technologies that can help them increase efficiency and align legal strategy with corporate strategy, our Tech Bytes series explores common pain points of legal departments, the benefits of automation and how CLOs can determine which technologies are best for their organisation.

Improving your organisation’s in-house legal operating model

Is your model fit for the future?

Design with purpose. Explore the top considerations when designing your legal operating model. Learn the essential components that are necessary when you develop a legal operating strategy through the paper, “In-house Legal Service Delivery—Transform your legal operating model.”

The Deloitte Approach – Legal Management Consulting

A changing world requires a new approach to law

Companies need their legal teams to keep pace with the commercial needs of the business—while at the same time, legal departments are increasingly being asked to do more with the same or fewer resources.

Power of with

Continue exploring how Power of With can transform your organisation

Compliance with transparency. Accuracy with speed. Complexity with clarity.

Digital transformation is here and it’s impacting tax and legal departments. Today, people are working with machines to harness data, automate execution of rote tasks, comply in real time, and free themselves up to add greater value within their companies. That not only transforms how work gets done, it also transforms the talent needed to do it.