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Well 360: Well Data Management Solution

Embrace digital transformation in well management and reporting

Deloitte’s Well 360 helps oil and gas organisations manage and report trusted data about their single most important asset—the well. This well data management solution increases operational efficiencies by enhancing the ability to forecast, optimise productivity and lock down cross-departmental collaboration with one holistic view of well-related data throughout the entire lifecycle.

Get an accurate overview of all data and eliminate internal inefficiencies that prevent you from meeting your production targets with Deloitte’s mobile-enhanced Well 360.

Get a true 360° view of your well

With the oil and gas industry low on the digital maturity index, it’s a critical time to embrace digital transformation and reap the benefits.

In exploration and production, most organisations face challenges in managing and reporting trusted and consistent data about their wells. Ineffective cross-departmental communications and impenetrable access to key information can lead to recurring issues and repairs, as well as major delays in timelines.

A department’s disparate system provides a view of the data and the business processes that are just applicable to them. These systems are often un-integrated (or worse, tied together in incorrect ways) and the organisation ends up with multiple overlapping data sets. So once data is pulled from multiple systems it’s instantly outdated and error-prone.

The price of oil is a major force in ensuring targets are being met and costs are decreasing. This means a well data management solution such as Well 360, that has one holistic view of data, can help enable teams to:

  1. Identify trends or issues that decrease production/cycle times.
  2. Respond to these issues in a fast, accurate, and collaborative way.
  3. Explore, with flexibility, several scenarios when planning a year or a response and choose which to implement.
  4. Receive real-time notifications when new or updated activities occur.

For clients ready to embrace digital in oil and gas, Well 360 can help increase collaboration efforts, create new team business processes and automate workflows to get you “well” on your way.

Realise the benefits of this well lifecycle management accelerator.

  • Sync systems
  • Compare actuals vs. forecasts
  • Run multiple scenarios
  • Follow wells
  • Detect trends
  • Receive real-time notifications

Our Well 360 well data management solution can help you:

  • Save money: Increased production time and reduced costs by communicating issues across the organisation. Increased savings by catching a problem early using information seen in another field.
  • Achieve targets: Forecasts built on real data and no more error-prone spreadsheets. Implement the best plans with the ability to run multiple scenarios in the planning stage.
  • Enhance communication: Increased productivity due to all users, across all business units, fields and districts having the same view of the well.
  • Bring siloed-systems together: Increased collaboration with a single-view of the well.