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Unleash workforce potential

Accelerate workforce resilience, agility and capability, and impact the future of work

Human potential is an organisation’s greatest untapped asset. But it is up to the organisation to unleash that potential; to deploy and develop workers—regardless of where they sit on an organisation chart or what their job description says—so they can follow their passions, connect with work that energises them, and create individual and enterprise value. Thanks to digital advances and ever-improving connectivity, today’s workers are no longer tethered to a place. This presents organisations with newly accessible resources across a broad talent ecosystem, both internally and externally, and the responsibility to create personalized, elevated opportunities that engage workers and unleash their full potential.

Three ways to challenge how we think about the workforce

Organisations can unite today’s workforce through purpose, belonging and growth opportunities through the development of an internal talent marketplace.

Our latest thinking on the workforce :

MIT SMR 2020 Report – Opportunity Marketplaces

Activating the Internal Talent Marketplace

Driving workforce equity with the internal talent marketplace

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Shifting to an integrated structure of diverse internal and external contributors, working to pursue both individual and collective goals, can drive value creation for an organisation.

Our latest thinking on the workforce :

Deloitte MIT Driving the Future of Work with Workforce ecosystems

Driving the future of work with workforce ecosystems

Press release MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte research on workforce ecosystems

Organisations need to look beyond the skills for which individuals were hired and instead focus on the workforce’s potential, capabilities, motivation and capacities.

Our latest thinking on the workforce :

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2020 HC Trends: Beyond Reskilling

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Skills change, but capabilities endure

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