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Transforming valuation analyses with Valued

Valuation insights; informed decisions

Valued is a powerful technology platform designed to change the client experience. The platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI), market-based benchmarks and our vast industry experience to cut through complexity.

Introducing Valued

Valued enables clients to manage deals across the M&A lifecycle. This technology platform provides digital collaboration with the ability for real-time status Update and the ability to drill into valuation & business assumptions and underlying data sources to transform data into M&An insights.

Today’s challenges are making valuation more complex and time-consuming and making it more critical to get relevant results. Technology can help you to analyse trends, generate scenarios to manage uncertainty and assist in decision-making by providing analysis and insights for you and your stakeholders. Cut through the complexity of the valuation process with Valued for optimised solutions.

Learn how Valued can bring clarity to complexities and offer insights to help your organisation make better informed and more strategic business decisions across the valuation process.




survey responses indicated increased use of technology in valuation


of survey responses provided boards with summarised reporting often in dashboard form


 of CFOs surveyed included valuation of assets as a top three challenge in M&A

Source: 2023 Fair Valuation Pricing Survey, CFO Signals™ 4Q 2023

Benefits of Valued

Robust Engagement Management

Efficiently manages and organises engagement processes.

Legal Entity Management

Facilitates the handling and organisation of Legal entity involved in transactions.

Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)

Streamlines the process of allocating purchase prices in transactions.

Valuation Drill-down

Offers detailed insight into valuations and business assumptions.

Digitised Portfolio Valuation Services (PVS)

Modernises the delivery of Portfolio Valuation Services, enabling operational and managed services.

Transformation of Transaction Data

Converts transaction data into M&An insights, transforming the delivery and analysis of PPAs.

Real-time Organisation Structure Modelling

Allows for dynamic visualisations, including org chart views, reflecting changes in the organisational structure in real time.

Leveraging AI and Market-based Benchmarks

Utilises artificial intelligence and market-based benchmarks to enhance analytical insights.

The Valued advantage

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Valued in action

Increased transparency. Any Time, anywhere.

Tailored results through scenarios and benchmarks.

Clear change comparison. Featured trend analyses.

One platform for your team and Deloitte.

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