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Deloitte Analytics

Opportunities abound

Deloitte Analytics professionals are passionate about embedding analysis, data and reasoning into the decision making process.

As part of a global network, you can help organisations embed analytics as a core capability, providing insight to support the decision making process to tackle complex business problems and to address growing analytical trends.

Analytic Insights specialists understand how the predictive evaluation of information combined with the use of analysis and optimisation techniques can derive insights from unique and unstructured problems. They provide industry insight as well as technical and analytical support using data mining, pattern matching, data visualisation and predictive modelling tools to produce analyses and algorithms that help businesses make better decisions.

Information management specialists understand the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures that properly manage the collection, quality, standardisation, integration and aggregation of data across the enterprise. Taking a mostly structured approach to the design, implementation and management of information to deliver systems based analysis capability. Services include, enterprise strategy, architecture, design, security and data quality, data warehousing, business intelligence, infrastructure design, governance, structured solutions and advisory services.

Performance optimisation specialists utilise a partially structured approach to the review, analysis, monitoring and reporting of data to deliver replicable process solutions. Developing methodologies, metrics, processes and analytical applications that monitor and manage the business performance of an enterprise.

Data scientists are those with the right balance of business and technical skills that are required for the successful execution of analytics. They work on a diverse range of multi-disciplinary analytics projects requiring the building of high-impact visuals to provide feedback to clients and finding new ways to express complex scenarios in intuitive and easy to understand ways. They require a combination of a sharp analytical mind with hands-on experience in data mining, ideally in advanced quantitative research, plus a natural gift for communicating and presenting complex analytical findings to stake holders.

If you’re passionate about analytics, Deloitte member firms offer significant career opportunities to those qualified professionals who choose to work with Deloitte Analytics. Primary job functions can vary according to role and specific country recruiting needs. More information is available in the Careers section of your local member firm website.

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