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Deloitte Ascend™ streamlines digital transformation with Oracle Cloud

Standardise processes while building the digital core

In today’s hyper competitive marketplace, the difference between winning and losing is often determined by a company’s ability to innovate, while delivering an exceptional customer experience that reinforces the strength of its brand.

More than migrate with Deloitte Ascend™

Many organisations turn to the latest technologies—including cloud—to make this competitive advantage a reality. But it’s no longer enough to simply migrate to a cloud platform. Thriving in this digital age requires any company that wants to win to make their digital ambitions real.

Smart companies move beyond the cloud to embrace a digital mindset and enable continuous innovation throughout their operations—from the front office to the back office. As Oracle’s leading implementation partner, Deloitte is committed to helping organisations stay ahead of the curve by meeting—even anticipating—the needs of employees, customers and other stakeholders.

A powerful solution—for any organisation

Wherever your organisation is on the digital maturity curve, Deloitte Ascend™ for Oracle can help you accelerate innovation and significantly improve business performance by realising your digital ambitions.

Operating outdated platforms and seeking to shed technical debt? Deloitte Ascend™ helps simplify and standardise core business processes while also bridging performance gaps through industry insights and leading practices. It can help accelerate delivery of the Clean Core enabled by Oracle Cloud by fully automating delivery activities such as data migration, configuration, testing and code migrations.

If you’re already on the path to digital transformation, Deloitte Ascend™ provides leading practices across nearly 35 industries, as well as benchmarking and frameworks to help you instill a digital mindset and deliver continuous innovation. The platform also provides teams with access to digital native processes and use cases enabled by Oracle Cloud and other digital technologies.

The digital transformation framework

At the core of Deloitte Ascend™ is a digital transformation framework and an enabling toolset with an underlying analytics engine coupled with a library of project assets and digital enablers. It’s designed to help you assess your current digital capabilities, map your digital journey and build a platform to increase competitive advantage by leveraging the full breadth of the Oracle Cloud platform.

Making it real

As part of the Deloitte Ascend™ platform, Deloitte offers a series of Oracle Digital Experience Labs. These interactive labs are an immersive experience in which Oracle Cloud and digital technologies are used to execute key business processes using real life configurations and data by demonstrating how each process can be simplified and standardised with digital enablement.

By demonstrating how each process may be optimised, the Digital Experience Labs help business leaders future-proof their business and realise the potential benefit of digital transformation.

Deloitte Ascend™

Our Deloitte Ascend platform accelerates, elevates and amplifies our approach for enabling and being digital. Centred on delivering a client’s digital ambitions to create exponential business value and performance.

Realise your digital ambitions with Deloitte Ascend™ for Oracle

Deloitte Ascend™

Our Deloitte Ascend platform accelerates, elevates, and amplifies our approach for enabling and being digital. Centred on delivering a client’s digital ambitions to create exponential business value and performance.

Incorporate digital insights from the beginning through digital evolution of the core and always-on value.

Key platform capabilities:
• A rich knowledgebase of our industry and implementation experiences and techniques—delivered in real time to our teams at the point of need
• Intelligent agent provides dynamic insights and solutions vs. documents and templates
• Benchmarking information across 80+ attributes of value, operations, technical, and configurations which drive benefits
• Data and insights-driven design guides, key decisions, and toolkits
• Dashboard of operational KPIs to provide real-time delivery metrics

Why it matters:
• Enables faster and better-informed business decisions for our clients and Deloitte teams
• Drives a focus on sustained value
• Insights-driven design thinking elevates capabilities for clients

Establish the digital core to frame, design and deliver for digital ambitions, relieve technical debt, and model for continuous innovation and evolution of the core.

Key platform capabilities:
• Self-service/guided deployment ready templates for clean core—leading practices-based business simplification, reducing technical debt and data debt
• Out-of-the-box industry specific solutions across 32+ sectors to “own the gap” with Oracle Cloud
• Complete end-to-end delivery automation bots
• Digital native business processes with automation, chat bots, ML, NLP and analytics
• Auto migration of on-premise systems to oracle cloud

Why it matters:
• Automating typical implementation activities allows resources to focus on delivering digital ambitions
• Digital native approach significantly increases the business value and performance
• Rapid delivery of clean core accelerates time to value

Leverage the digital foundry model for innovation to futureproof the business by embedding new digital technologies into the digital core, aligned with Oracle Cloud periodic releases.

Key platform capabilities:
• Living library of deploy-ready use cases on innovations with digital exponentials across 32+ industry sectors, available for client’s and Deloitte teams
• Digital foundry model toolkits for enabling a client’s continuous innovation
• Digital operate command centre and process toolkits
• Generate client-specific starter toolkits for innovation/ideation workshops and prototyping
• Innovation health check to provide ongoing assessment

Why it matters:
• Enables clients for continuous innovation beyond the initial go-live
• Future-proofs business for continuous innovation (digital foundry)
• Creates exponential business value and amplifies the return on investments