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European Social Services Conference
Sunday, 26 June 2022 10:00 AM CET

In-person - Workshops/ Masterclasses

Other credits | Event language: English

26 - 28 Jun.

10:00 am CET

European Social Services Conference

Join us as we discuss how we can co-create community-based social services, with a specific focus on three thematic strands: Co-Creating Cities Social Inclusion, Co-Creating Responses to Manage the Future Workforce and Co-Creating Digital Solutions for Social Inclusion.

Deloitte is proud to be a premier sponsor of the European Social Services Conference in Antwerp Belgium. The conference brings together the public authorities, the private sector and care providers to discuss the latest innovations transforming social services with the aim of leaving no one behind.


Join us as we discuss how social care systems can meet future demands and ensure equitable, easy, user-centric access to services.

Making it work: Global efforts to transform public employment services

Labour market disruptors are converging. Economies are quickly digitalising, our workforces are ageing, new skills are in demand and the support needs of jobseekers and employers are more complex than ever.

Many public sector agencies are working hard to identify what needs to change within their employment services and recalibrate accordingly. How can they better serve jobseekers, workers and employers while expanding employment opportunities for all?