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Semiconductor-A treasure trove for private equity investors

The semiconductor industry's evolution and shift towards embracing of artificial intelligence (AI) provides many emerging investment opportunities for private equity investors. As the semiconductor value chain transforms to create solutions for AI applications and infrastructure, several focus areas have emerged including: chiplets, innovation (both in core computing and on the edge with devices and sensors) and the highly complex supply chain.

This paper looks at five investment opportunities for private equity investors:

  • The shift toward chiplet-based semiconductor designs
  • AI-centric semiconductor innovation
  • AI-specific data centre infrastructure
  • AI enabled semiconductor design and
  • The highly complex supply chain

These five trends give rise to new, disruptive market opportunities. By considering these investment fields now, private equity investors can capitalise on the underlying market growth potential.


Dr Uwe Lambrette
Deloitte Germany

Deiter Trimmel
Deloitte Germany

Roën Blom
Deloitte Netherlands

Haruka Konno
Deloitte Germany

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