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A suite of monitoring AI-driven services and accelerators for the proactive management of fraud risk. It uses AI, machine learning and advanced analytics to deliver ongoing risk assessment, monitoring and training, enabling the advance detection of fraud and misconduct so companies can get ahead of emerging risks and enhance trust.


The longer fraud perpetrators go undetected, the greater financial and reputational harm they can cause to an organisation. With three decades of experience working on some of the world’s largest fraud investigations, we recognise that a cost-effective, proactive and scalable approach is critical to an effective fraud risk management solution. That’s why we created


Uphold trust

The early detection of fraud, waste, corruption and abuse can save organisations millions of dollars besides preserving their reputation among customers and stakeholders.

Proactively manage risk

Provides a roadmap to C-suite executives to proactively address the specific risks to which their business is exposed.

Identify and fill security gaps

Helps identify enhancements to business processes, including additional safety and control gaps.

Cost effectiveness

Identifies commercial anomalies that may result in cost savings or recoveries, often exceeding the cost of initial development.

Deter bad actors

Acts as a deterrent to bad actors who shy away from targeting companies that have sophisticated monitoring and detection systems in place.

Discover how can identify anomalies in real time to reduce losses and reputational risk with early intervention.

Clients who use

Client stories in action

Combines diverse data, including customer accounts and activity, salesperson information, geographic and demographic data and other publicly available data sources. Clustering and anomaly detection is used to intelligently identify similar activity to prior issues and indicate outliers, with fewer false positives.

Uncover suspicious behaviour at the vendor and employee levels and provide results to compliance, legal and supply chain stakeholders. Leads to behavioural changes within the organisation, often confirmed by a sharp decline in the fraudulent/undesirable behaviours observed. text analytics accelerators and pre-developed code library enable clients to monitor and identify known and emerging issues quickly and identify the scope of those issues. text analytics can help make use of a variety of internal and external data sources to tailor delivery for specific client needs across numerous risk areas.

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Evolve how you manage the fraud risk. Download the brochure or request a demo with our team.

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Why choose

We know that a cost-effective, proactive and scalable approach is critical to an effective fraud risk management solution.

  • Work with a recognised industry leader.
  • Deloitte is ranked #1 in Security Consulting Services for 12+ years in Gartner® Market Share reports.
  • Our proprietary tools and accelerators support the rapid development of customised analytics tools that  help manage fraud risk.
  • Customised to meet your unique needs and risk challenges.
  • Free up time for internal teams to focus on strategic priorities and growth-driving activities.
  • Enhance trust in your processes and reputation.
  • Scale up or down to meet changing demands as your business expands and evolves.

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