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Accelerate your GBS transformation

Deloitte helps enterprises evolve their global business services (GBS) for excellent employee experiences, streamlined service delivery and continuous improvement.

The GBS evolution: from vision to value

Businesses are investing in GBS to amplify the impact of their technology and teams.

Yet, while the promise of GBS is appealing for many, the prospect of implementing this model can be daunting, because:

  1. Different organisational functions often work in silos.
  2. These siloed functions may use disparate technologies and working methods.
  3. They may be operating at different levels of digital maturity.

To deliver streamlined experiences for end-to-end journeys, businesses should embark on end-to-end transformation—with a clear vision and defined path to value.

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    Streamline and simplify your GBS journey with Deloitte's Engage, Act, Perform framework

    GBS can encompass both shared services and outsourcing and is intended to create alignment among enabling functions—like human resources (HR), information technology (IT) and finance—by serving as a single enterprise organisation. Through Deloitte’s “Engage, Act, Perform” framework, these GBS organisations can serve as digital vanguards in their enterprise, delivering value through a growth mindset and a focus on business impact.

    Starting small

    Offer a one-stop shop for GBS services—so employees can use one portal for all their service or information requests.

    Growing fast

    Drive the flow of work across silos by enabling self-service and automating many repetitive tasks.

    Get started today

    Learn how Deloitte and ServiceNow are empowering businesses to translate challenges into opportunities, accelerate the GBS journey, make small steps towards big transformations and harness technology for new ways of working.

    Achieving GBS value

    Business leaders report several benefits to their GBS investments:

    Achieving GBS value

    The GBS " centre office".

    A new GBS delivery model is emerging.

    Learn more in our POV: GBS on Now: Make work flow across the silos.