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Forensic Digital & Analytics Services

Deloitte Cayman Islands - Helping clients unlock the strategic value of information

Our Analytics practice helps clients unlock the strategic value of information, whether from within the enterprise or extrinsic to it, in a variety of unique contexts. Our practice equips clients with market-leading guidance and transformative insights regarding historical events.


Our team supports and enables intelligently crafted models and insights regarding future outcomes in order to support informed decision-making. Our innovative use of data and emerging technologies helps clients address complex issues by utilizing a broad array of analytical tools including specialized information management, rules-based reasoning, explanatory modeling, machine learning, as well as predictive modeling, visualization, and geospatial techniques, among others.

Our services

Our services

Our Advanced Analytics practice can help clients transform unpredictable business issues and events into opportunities for growth, resilience, and long-term advantage. Clients turn to us to help them measure, quantify, and predict risk with increased effectiveness and to identify strategic opportunities, drawing upon our leadership in innovative and emerging technologies.

Our use of advanced analytics allows us to uncover possibilities that others may fail to find and can provide our clients with key competitive advantages and more insightful and real-time decision making. We work closely with clients to deliver broad, yet simple solutions across a range of domains, including enterprise fraud management, supply chain forensics, due diligence, M&A risk modeling, cyber threat intelligence, business valuation, and more. We do this by moving beyond the identification, capture and organization of data to focus on identifying patterns and trends and then predicting outcomes based on those and other parameters. Our ability to create and apply fact-based, data-driven decisions helps our clients gain clarity and confidence in uncertain situations.

By using emerging, innovative technologies, our Data Analytics practice systematically scopes, acquires, loads, validates and maintains structured (e.g., transactional) and unstructured (e.g., text) electronic data as the basis for employing rules-based, inductive and visual techniques. We work together with our clients to uncover evidence of schemes or scenarios, develop models that depict or describe historical events, and build predictive models for the purposes of anti-fraud/corruption efforts and segmentation.

Through smart, technology-enabled solutions like our web application development services, we develop and employ proprietary detection, monitoring and case management tools, as well as custom applications for individual client needs – all to help our clients make confident decisions.

Commercial investigations and litigation have become heavily reliant upon the collection, preservation and analysis of vast amounts of data to maximise investigatory and litigation success, and to minimise concomitant risk. The key to managing such huge volumes is turning the array of data into meaningful and actionable information. Using Relativity, our primary processing and review platform, our Relativity Certified Administrators (RCAs) combine data analytic qualifications and experience, forensic accounting and investigative skills with industry leading technology to assist clients and their legal counsel. Our professionals can design and deploy acquisition, review and disclosure work-streams specific to data types and repositories, utilising both sophisticated industry standard and bespoke software solutions to optimise informational advantage.

With the ever increasing demands being put upon corporate entities, finding ways to maintain legal and regulatory compliance and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations is critical to business success. We understand the unique challenges legal counsel faces when dealing with these issues and can assist them in the following areas: litigation readiness, records and data management, data preservation, data review platforms and legacy data remediation analysis.

Our services include:

  • Email Analytics
  • Data analytics
  • Data mapping and relation analysis
  • Social network analysis

Our ability to employ advanced technology to uncover possibilities that others may fail to find allows us to bring greater clarity in profoundly changing landscapes for our clients facing a crisis, a controversy, or a transaction.