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Life at Deloitte

Fay Toppin

Manager, Risk and Compliance Center
"A key area of my Deloitte Talent Experience so far has been the flexibility offered to balance work with our changing life needs."

Name: Fay Toppin

Position: Manager

Department: Risk and Compliance Center

Professional Qualifications: -Masters in Business Administration -A Diploma Governance, Risk and Compliance -Member of the International Compliance Association (ICA) 

Date that you joined Deloitte: June 2011

Fay's Deloitte experience

How would you describe your Talent Experience working at Deloitte?
So far, my talent experience at Deloitte has been like an ever-changing flower with transforming petals that continues to captivate and inspire me on this journey.  I have had the pleasure of so many learning experiences which have allowed me to grow and develop over the last nine (9) years.  I started Deloitte having completed a Diploma in Management and a Master’s in Business Administration, but my love for learning has been honed through courses in skills like photography (I took the Deloitte BB Facebook landing page photo of Pebbles Beach) and event planning to certification in Governance, Compliance and Risk Management.  Deloitte’s investment in my continued development has seen me progress in my career from a Marketing Associate to my current role as Supervisor in the Risk and Compliance Center.  I am a lover of learning as I know a skilled learned, will be with me for life and I embrace every opportunity to make an impact with the knowledge and skills I gain. 

My career at Deloitte so far has seen me move from being the first voice and smile that customers hear, creating event memories for employees and clients to ensuring that Deloitte CBC stays safe from compliance risk.  Ensuring that Deloitte CBC avoids compliance risk is important in ensuring that we impact our clients to make a difference.  What’s next, I am not sure, but continuing to deliver quality service is high on my agenda. 

A key area of my Deloitte Talent Experience so far has been the flexibility offered to balance work with our changing life needs. Flexibility has been key to my ability to reap the benefits of caring for my loved ones and still meeting my work responsibilities and exceed the targets set.  

How do you connect your personal purpose to Deloitte’s purpose?
Before joining Deloitte, I volunteered as a parent manager of a soccer team, leading a championship women’s soccer club/team for several years and then transitioned to managing a women’s national football (soccer) team.  Impacting lives has always been second nature to me.  It feels so good to give back and see young people especially, develop skills and talents that will serve them in roles of leadership, and as future positive team members wherever life leads them.

I assist the Non-profit company, Raya34 Sports Inc. with their delivery of their mentorship and More Than Boots programs.  The organisation uses sports and education to impact and help to shape the lives of children between 6 and 16.  The More than Boots program targets girls at primary school and will focus on life skills development in goal setting, problem solving, time management, while learning a new physical skill of football while staying physically healthy and active.  All in an effort to help reduce the level of noncommunicable diseases like childhood obesity, and diabetes.

I also support the wider CSR goals for Deloitte and I have assisted and led the IMPACT Day Committee during the past 8 years to roll out IMPACT Day programs that help the community, and people in Barbados.  It was a pleasure to be part of the last IMPACT Day activity in association with the Slow Foods project of Barbados.

What’s been the most interesting, challenging, or surprising about your role within Deloitte?
Working in so many areas within the firm has made my experience so far more interesting than I could have imagined.   Transitioning between new roles has been challenging, but the training, along with support of team leaders and colleagues has always made the experience easy.

How has Deloitte invested in you as a leader?
Continuous opportunities to develop the skills I need to deliver in every area of my life, like time management, how to handle difficult conversations have been a welcome investment by Deloitte into the person I am becoming.  I still think I am a work in progress.

Why did you choose to work in Deloitte CBC region?
I was blessed to live where others only dream of vacationing, the CBC region is home to me.  The culture, the people, the climate make this a great place to work.