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Life at Deloitte

Lana Sealy, Barbados

"The thing I have enjoyed most about my time in Deloitte is the friendly office environment especially in the Tax Department."

Name: Lana Sealy

Position: Assistant Manager

Department: Tax

University Attended: University of the West Indies

Degree Completed: BSc Accounting

Designation Completed: Final Level of ACCA

Date that you joined Deloitte: September 2001

What do you like most about your role?

The thing I like most about my role is the day to day diversity. No day is ever the same as I manage a large portfolio of clients and as a result I am dealing with several clients’ needs simultaneously. You will never hear me say that my role is mundane.

What attracted you to Deloitte?

I was attracted to Deloitte because of its reputation globally. I also joined Deloitte to be exposed to its portfolio of diverse industries which allowed me the opportunity to enhance professional versatility. Since I have joined the firm I have worked in audit for several years before transferring to the tax department.

Describe your day to day role

My day to day role in the Tax Department involves constantly responding to client queries; reviewing tax returns and payroll; coordinating with other Deloitte and non-Deloitte offices to ensure clients with operations in various territories are compliant and tax filing deadlines are adhered and working closely with the Tax partner. Other responsibilities that fall outside of my client work include performance appraisals with the junior staff; preparing billings; assisting in the due diligence process on commencement of new engagements and preparing engagement letters.

What else have your been involved with since joining Deloitte?

I teach Mathematics to young kids between the ages of 7 to 11. I also participate in the Firm’s annual Impact Day where we go out into the community and do charity work such as painting, gardening, feeding the homeless and general maintenance for non-profit organisations.

What is Deloitte’s role in your longer term career goals?

To groom me to become a Tax Expert with a goal to become part of Senior Management with the Firm.

What have you enjoyed most?

The thing I have enjoyed most about my time in Deloitte is the friendly office environment especially in the Tax Department. We work very hard and at times we work long hours, however we always have great fun. It is like having a family away from home. We have great team spirit!