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Life at Deloitte

Dominic Davis, Barbados

"I've enjoyed working on different types of engagements and meeting people throughout the Deloitte network globally."

Name: Dominic Davis

Position: Senior Associate

Department: Financial Advisory

University Attended: University of the West Indies

Degree Completed: International Trade

Date that you joined Deloitte: August 2010

Senior Associate, Financial Advisory

What do you like most about your role?

The opportunity to interact with the client’s employees at different levels and across functional areas while providing direct support to the client. A myriad of issues can arise on a given day so the problem solving challenges are always exciting. There is also the added bonus of being able to put what I’ve learned during the ACCA qualification into practical use on my client engagements.

What attracted you to Deloitte?

I’m a visual person so the aesthetics of the website and marketing materials were a big draw. I love the Deloitte brand!

Describe your day to day role

Working in the financial services department involves working in various areas such as the review and analysis of financial information, assisting with the preparation of management information, and the preparation of formal reports to regulatory authorities. Deloitte gives the opportunity to work independently and as part of a team which adds value to the experience.

What else have you been involved with since joining Deloitte?

Outside of my client work I’ve been a team leader for IMPACT Day. The first occasion involved the revamping of a primary school’s library and the second project, we returned to the same school and gave their playground a colourful face-lift.

What is Deloitte’s role in your longer term career goals?

My aim at the moment is to gain as much experience in the financial services industry, at the local and international level, as I can. Deloitte is a great platform for achieving this goal.

What have you enjoyed most?

Working on different types of engagements and meeting people throughout the Deloitte network globally.