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Deloitte at the Warsaw Security Forum
Tuesday, 1 October 2024 00:00 CEST

In-person - Event

Event language: English

1 - 2 Oct. 2024

00:00 CEST

Deloitte at the Warsaw Security Forum

Defense, global outlook, energy security and climate, and democratic resilience—The Warsaw Security Forum will discuss all aspects of European security and transatlantic cooperation.

The Warsaw Security Forum is one of the leading European security conferences devoted to transatlantic cooperation. It is focused on elaborating shared responses to common challenges, with an emphasis on the security of Central and Eastern Europe. Deloitte is proud to be a sponsor at this event and we look forward to being part of the conversation.

Organized since 2014, the Warsaw Security Forum gathers annually over 2,000 of the highest representatives of governments, international organizations, industry, think tanks, and civil society from over 90 countries.

With the theme of #ThinkingEuropeANew, this year’s conference is dedicated to reinforcing European defense capabilities and sustaining focus on common transatlantic interests.

Find out more information on the Warsaw Security Forum here: