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Increased focus on the Reward Strategy from an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) perspective

How we can help

  • Embedding more non-financial (ESG) metrics and targets in executive and management incentive plans, both in short term as in long term incentive plans. Find out more on our Executive Remuneration page
  • Defining and including ESG metrics and targets in the employee’s bonus plans, collective or individual plans
  • Rolling-out a green company car policy for your employees, aligned with the carbon reduction strategy of your organization as well as with the greenification in tax. Find out more on our Corporate Mobility page
  • Translating well-being of your employees also into their reward package, such as offering a flexible benefits package, sufficient benefits and pensions. Find out more on our My Benefits, My Choice page
  • Ensuring Fair Pay, as this is one of the most enduring and unjust realities in the global workplace. Achieving pay equity is no longer solely a matter of eliminating sex discrimination but requires a deeper examination of varying perspectives and a more granular look at reward data. Find more on our Fair Pay page
  • Designing and implementing green rewards

Sustainability through the HR lens

It is quickly becoming a corporate imperative, but what does sustainability mean for HR? How can organisations ensure that they do not fall behind? Sofie Van Breedam, Nathalie Dom and Yves Van Durme share valuable insights.

The ‘right’ Reward Strategy for the road to net zero

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