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Global Mobility

Travel and global mobility assignments with a focus on sustainability

Organizations are increasingly focusing on purpose, with ever greater focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.

Even though the Board and the Executives are drawing the lines of the organization’s sustainability strategy and plan, it will be up to Global Mobility Leaders to consider how their teams can contribute positively to these changing business priorities, not only from a climate perspective, but also from a wider social purpose.

Organizations intrinsically linked with mobility who want to optimize their carbon footprint should be reflecting on the reasons for travel and global mobility assignments in the first place. In addition to bringing employees to where a job is located, or vocational ‘on the job’ training, global assignments help develop culture, collaboration, and innovation in ways that cannot be achieved in a virtual environment. There is a need to find balance. Businesses are keen to get the right people back into the right places to drive the next wave of growth, and global assignments will have an important role in the future, but it must be on a sustainable basis.

How we can help

  • Defining your new Global Mobility Strategies & integrating equity and sustainability strategies: Workforce engagement, sustainable flex benefits and workplace facilities
  • Resourcing and Mobility: Assisting with mobility and travel policies and alternative resourcing models that reduce an organization’s climate footprint and advising on the tax, social security, immigration and legal impact hereof
  • Global supply chain talent management: Advising on payroll, immigration, cost allocation further to changing supply chain planning, sourcing or delivering
  • Drafting policies for tax risk mitigation (tax, social security & immigration compliance), for executive termination governance, etc.

Towards a more sustainable global mobility and remote work policy

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