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Software Asset Management

Reducing costs, mitigating risk, gaining control of your software estate

Software Asset Management (SAM) covers all processes and infrastructures necessary to manage software assets within an organization during its complete life cycle. SAM adds value by bringing complete and accurate software visibility into IT estate across the organization and providing trustworthy data that is key to improving decision making, facilitate day-to-day activities and supporting strategic initiatives, e.g. Cloud transition, Digital transformation, cost optimization etc. Software Asset Management is an important part of an organization's strategy. It involves gathering detailed software inventory information which is then used to make business decisions about software purchases and their redistribution. SAM helps organizations manage their systems more effectively and saves time and money.


Most common Software Asset Management Business challenges

Managing software assets can be challenging for any organisation. Multiple stakeholders are involved in the purchase, installation, deployment, maintenance, utilisation and disposal of software. The technologies involved are complex and constantly changing and license agreements are increasingly complicated and multi-layered. A tailored and sustainable SAM program addresses the main challenges:

  • Gaining control
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Reducing software and licensing costs
  • Reducing complexity
  • Reducing risk exposure

In many cases an organisation’s lack of skilled personnel, resources and budget to implement a complex SAM program, may lead to companies relying solely on a SAM tool. But technology solutions alone are incomplete, falling short of sustainable management and leaving the organisation open to operational, financial and security risks.

Deloitte knows the ins and outs of SAM. We have developed a distinct methodology and SAM approach, perform regular license baseline reviews and have implemented SAM programs for global organisations around the world. As a neutral third party, we provide a truly objective perspective on monitoring and governing software assets, helping companies obtain the accurate information they need to optimally license their IT landscape.

Our SAM services can help you reduce the total cost of software ownership while enabling compliance to license terms. Additionally, SAM can also enhance service delivery, strengthen security, improve supplier relationships and reduce the overall cost of IT governance.

Some of our SAM Services:

Deloitte's SAM Managed Services offering provides your organisation with the flexibility and freedom to reallocate, scale up or scale down its own software asset management efforts and get assistance tailored to business preference and desired level of involvement.

Deloitte's SAM Point Services offering assists your organization to mitigate licensing exposure risks, be software audit-ready and improve the ROI on software spend, providing license optimization and software rationalization recommendations.

Deloitte's SAM Program Delivery offering assists your organization during the entire SAM journey, from the maturity assessment to the target operating model and implementation roadmap. We support our customers to design and implement SAM processes and governance, in order to build-up a valuable SAM framework.

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