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People experience in the Digital Workplace

Focusing on people in the digital workplace

Do you feel connected to your team working from home? Do you (or your colleagues) have to multi-task during meetings? Does your manager support you working remotely? We've asked these and other questions about working in a hybrid or digital environment to over 500 Belgian empoyees - and here are the results!

When working in a hybrid or digital work environment, it can be a challenge to find the ideal combination of both the physical and virtual world. On the one hand, people are looking for an optimal work-life balance and a hyper-personalised work rythm. But on the other, they still want to feel connected with their team, being able to collaborate, share or find knowledge, grow and feel supported by their manager - even from a distance.

The hybrid and digital workplace survey in Belgium

Many challenges became apparent when the Belgian workforce switched to hybrid and digital working. To further explore the outcomes of this Deloitte recently launched a survey to examine employee experience throughout the hybrid & digital workplace in Belgium.

On the 9th of June , together with Steven Plehier, Deloitte hosted a webinar to share key insights on the four themes featured within the survey:


Measuring productivity provides visibility into where an organisation stands on their digital transformation journey. A key area of productivity is an organisation’s meeting culture, which aids efficient teamwork and is a good barometer to assess overall productivity within an organisation.


Connection plays a key role in employees engagements. Those who feel less engaged, also tend to feel less connected to their organisation in a hybrid setting.


Strong leadership and a clear digital workplace strategy, embedded in your overall strategy, are the foundations for a more productive and engaged workplace. But what precent leaders set the correct example for a hybrid way of working?

Change Management

Just over one in five respondents believe that there is insufficient adoption and change management when introducing a tool that facilitates a hybrid way of working. Discover how respondents confirmed how adoption can be increased.

So now what?

To really create a hybrid or digital work environment that works for your people, make sure you have a dedicated strategy that is embedded in your overall organisational approach. Start from what people need, and introduce (only) that technology that provides a real solution. Remember: both productivity and engagement are about employee experience. And don't forget: your leadership must be on board, too!

Where can you start?

Make sure your leadership is aligned

Listen to your people

If you want to change, start small

After the event, the report will be published and available for download on this page.

Download Hybrid Survey Report

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