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Digital Customer

Our team is here to put you in the driving seat of your digital transformation journey. By combining Design Thinking with Agile Delivery methodologies, we help you imagine, deliver and run digital solutions that your users will love. Excited to start this adventure with us? We are too.


Who we are

From sales to service and operations, we architect platforms and solutions to bring positive customer and employee experiences to life.Teamwork makes the dream work. Meet some of our colleagues who make the magic happen.

Why did you join Deloitte Digital?

I participated in the Deloitte Technology Day, where I met a few of the colleagues of the Deloitte Digital Team. The people were so friendly and inspiring, I immediately felt a connection. This was the main reason for me to choose Deloitte Digital.

What do you like the most in your job?

The variation that it offers: in the past 4 years I have been able to take up different roles in the project teams, work for different sizes of clients across multiple industries, participate in different phases of the projects, and worked with a lot of the Deloitte Digital team members. This variation allows me to be in a continuous learning state-of-mind.

What exactly do you do at Deloitte Digital?

We work on a project base. My focus lies on the ‘functional analysis’ side, as we call it. This means that on a project I will usually be on the client side conducting workshops and sessions to understand their requirements and how we can improve their processes with digitalization. The next step is to translate these requirements to system requirements that a development team can pick up to implement.

Why did you join Deloitte Digital?

I was introduced to Deloitte Digital for the first time during the technology day. I remember being welcomed by colleagues back then and the way they enthusiastically explained about the customer-centricity and the diversity of the work really caught my attention. This made me feel that I would fit in well within the team culture. The smooth hiring process was a big plus.

What is your best memory at Deloitte?

I have many and these are typically during the project celebrations we have after a major project milestone. This is the time where I can unwind, connect with my colleagues, and reflect on the impact we have made to our client.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

Since I am quite the cross fit fanatic, I want to build my own gym and/or own a cross fit box so I can invite friends over for workouts.

What exactly do you do at Deloitte Digital?

My projects consist of implementing Salesforce for and with our clients. The Salesforce platform is highly configurable but there are always requirements which need some code to be implemented.When I started, I worked as developer, then I became the lead of a team of developers and I am now taking the role of architect on the projects, doing the technical design of the requirements, and coaching the developers during the implementation.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Never stop learning.

What is one thing people do not know about you that they would be surprised to find out?

I am brewing my own beer. For the moment, I did a raspberry ‘witbier’ and a Belgian Tripel.

What we do


We can help you apply human experience insights to creatively design, build, and operate platforms and solutions that deliver personalized sales and service experiences.

Today, successful brands deliver relevant experiences that are personalized, efficient, and intuitive, and resonate across multiple channels. We can help you use human experience insights to architect platforms and solutions that create memorable experiences across the entire journey.

From sales to service and operations, rely on our know-how to elevate your capabilities and achieve new growth—and earn and strengthen customer loyalty along the way.

Our consultants at Deloitte Digital, are highly experienced in assisting organisations in transforming their sales and service team to become more effective and efficient. Our experts are passionate about creating great digital customer experiences to connect sales and service teams and customers, streamline business processes, optimise efficiency and transparency across sales units, and achieve a unified customer experience.

Customer experience and strategy

Customer experience sits at the heart of the transformations we deliver. Without it organisations are often left with a solution looking for a problem. We use the customer and employee journey as the key lense through which we identify change opportunities, whether they are technology, people or organisation focused. We can use our advanced analytics capability alongside this to validate, prioritise and discover further opportunities, and turn the target customer experience into service and sales strategies supported by a clear business case.

Operating model design

Understanding how to organise to deliver your target experience is becoming more complex in an environment where people and AI are increasingly working together. Our operating model design method starts by understanding the capabilities you need to deliver the experience, assessing them against our maturity framework and agreeing the level of capability you want to achieve. We can then work collaboratively with you to design the right structure, minimising business silos and hand-offs and picking the right sourcing and locations and including regulatory control by design.


We provide selection, design, build and run services for the technology that supports the customer and the sales teams. Our solution architecture services help define the right mix of best of breed technologies, such as Salesforce, to deliver your target experience and capabilities. We then have one of Europe’s best established Digital and Technology practices and can build and integrate solutions, including CRM and omni-channel contact as well as the cloud infrastructure to support it.

People and culture

Having the right structure and technology is nothing without the empowered, motivated people who deliver the key ‘moments that matter’ in the customer experience, whether sales or service. We have worked with clients across sectors to understand the impact of change on their people, define and embed the right behaviours, culture and leadership and align rewards and incentives to underpin them.

Our sales transformation capabilities can help organizations tackle some of their toughest challenges and get ahead of the competition. Whether the task is to develop a new go—to—market strategy or implement an innovative technology infrastructure, we can help clients in their efforts to achieve higher growth, profitability, market share and productivity – as well as increased differentiation in the marketplace. We offer services across the spectrum of CRM technologies to help facilitate the effective implementation of sales strategies.

We believe the key to unlocking benefit for both the customer and the organization lies in taking a holistic approach to change across four dimensions.

Our team can help your business to:

  • Review your current sales strategy and sales management processes
  • Instill a different culture, embracing customer experience across multiple channels
  • Guide you in formalising and streamlining your sales process
  • Recommend key reports and measures to help forecast growth
  • Identify KPI’s to help you track your sales team’s performance
  • Centralise data and sales activities for full visibility within the organisation
  • Assist with training needs analysis, deliver training sessions or reviewing the incentives and reward structure for the team
  • Propose tools to assist you in automating repetitive tasks and reducing the administrative tasks of your sales team to allow them to focus on selling
  • Implement the right technology to support your sales process, ranging from CRM, omni-channel solutions, BI & reporting tools, and chat bots
  • Guide you on how to use your data and AI to offer new products and services
  • Assist in improving the human experience for both your employees and customers

Our Service Excellence team focuses on designing and implementing end-to-end service capabilities that augment the service workforce and help leading companies realize exceptional service experiences for their customers. Through orchestration of executable strategy, experience, and talent, we help our client imagine, deliver, and run next generation and industry specific service capabilities.

We believe the key to unlocking benefit for both the customer and the organization lies in taking a holistic approach to change across four dimensions.

Our team can help to elevate service operations within your business from multiple angles:

  • Create a Customer 360 view to understand your customer needs and offer a personalized, effective, and human experience. Manage customer data from a single platform.
  • While the human element remains vital in customer interactions, manage your Contact Center workload with emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence chatbots, virtual assistants, robotic process automation, etc. to decrease costs and increase focus on complex interactions.
  • Strategically connect customers to different types of interaction channels using omni-channel service delivery to remain cost-efficient while maintaining high quality assistance.
  • Set-up self-service portals to offer customers an initial point of contact with service teams and capture customer inquiry details. Automate tasks such as knowledge sharing, appointment scheduling, spare parts ordering and more.
  • Develop new sales channels through your service business teams. Support back-office and frontline service workforces with tools to engage in an often-overlooked opportunity for sales. Discover how your service business intelligence contributes to upsell and cross-sell strategies and drive more revenue.
  • Streamline field service operations by digitally connecting your service coordinators and mobile workforce through real-time updates and automated service reporting.
  • Shift from a reactive break-fix service to a pro-active field service strategy to increase efficiency, win customer loyalty, and save on costs. Leverage IoT connected technology to identify future issues and minimize customer asset downtimes.
  • Meet Service Level Agreement obligations by implementing Service Contract management, Entitlement Management, Asset Management and Pro-active Maintenance capabilities.
  • Increase workforce flexibility through third-party service providers and address fluctuations in demand.
  • Activate Service insights using customer interaction data. Identify Key Performance Indicators of your service business like Cost per Success, First Time Fix Rates & Time To Resolution and define corresponding actions to your service strategy.
  • Maximizing the ability to help sales and service professionals by streamlining middle office processes
  • Optimizing sales operations through incentive compensation, quota and territory planning, and forecasting
  • Implementing effective pricing strategies and contracts
  • Improving management of quoting, orders, renewals, and subscriptions
  • Reimagining the CFO agenda and M&A transformation

We lead digital transformation projects by capitalizing on market-leading solutions: Salesforce, Microsoft, Medallia, Qollabi, Zuora, Apttus, Veeva, AWS.

Our latest projects


We combine technology and industry expertise to deliver end-to-end customer experiences.


As a leading FMCG company, Danone wanted to streamline their sales processes and move to a new commercial model orchestrating holistic programs across categories within their Belgium market. Next to the reorganisation of their Field Sales to become more cross-functional, they needed to enable the teams with a data & insight driven tool for which Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud was selected.


After an initial Discovery Phase where we used a service design driven approach to define personas and future employee journeys, a 3 month delivery phase has been kicked-off to implement a first minimum viable product solution of Salesforce Consumer Goods cloud in combination with Axsy as offline mobile tool. The tool is interfaced with SAP and PIM, through MuleSoft, to manage Customer and Product master data.


In 4 months, a first minimum viable product was launched to the Belgium market, followed by a 1,5 month delivery phase to launch additional automations to drive sales efficiency as well as the Perfect Store concept.The focus of the project is on increasing sales effectiveness and efficiency by increasing customer-facing time, reallocating focus on selling mode and provide customer insights in the hands of the Sales Representatives in order to grow their business at the point of sales level for off-trade as well as on-trade channels.


  • Changing market and competition prices demand data management and analytical tools to increase the win rate for Terumo in public tender bids
  • Digitalization of the quotation process is to enable performant, efficient, and clear pricing guidance to strongly position Terumo products during negotiating tender and non-tender price negotiations
  • Approval and customer sign-off processes are to be streamlined and transparent through various channels to ensure error-free quotes and sales growth


  • A single EMEA harmonized process is created to cater for Tender, Group Pricing Organization, and one-off opportunity negations in both direct and indirect markets
  • Salesforce CPQ is setup as the central tool to visualize and calculate prices, based on data input from tender scraping and ERP databases
  • A clean User Interface and simplified, efficient usage is to allow for an optimized user experience and more swift adoption of the tool


Predicted go-live in direct market (12+ countries) across EMEA, onboarding +100 users on CPQ capabilities by Q4 2022 – Q2 2023.


Etex is a global producer of innovative lightweight building materials for the construction industry. The organization had embarked on a ‘OneCRM’ strategy to harmonize processes across its global network and turned to Deloitte Belgium to help it create one customer-facing system—incorporating sales, service, and marketing. It was a daunting challenge, especially since Etex wanted to get the job done in no more than 18 months.

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