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Clinique Saint-Jean opens new opportunities for Healthcare communications

Elevating the Patient Experience

Opening of a new Policlinic, accelerating the transformation

The Clinique Saint-Jean has a strong historical background. Located in the heart of Brussels, it is still operating on the site where it was founded in 1851. Over time, Clinique Saint-Jean has grown and several sites have opened but one key characteristic remained: the clinic is human-sized and keeps all attention on their Patients.

In 2022 Clinique Saint-Jean will open a new Policlinic. The aim is to provide an enhanced patient experience and modern quality care, including improvement and digitization of Patients' interactions with their healthcare system. As a key step in their transformation, Deloitte Digital supported Clinique Saint-Jean in the setup of interactive self-registration and smart queue management kiosks for the Patients and a flexible consultation box reservation system for the Healthcare Practitioners.

While creating this seamless experience for Patients, Deloitte also contributed to the optimization of the Clinique’s digital ecosystem by ensuring that Patients data can be leveraged across platforms with off course the necessary privacy and user rights safeguards.

Further re-thinking the way Patients would be interacting with their new Policlinic, Clinique Saint-Jean was looking for a new platform that could help them bring their communications to a next level. It would not only be about changing the part of the patient journey inside the Policlinic, but also improving the way information was shared before the Patients’ visit.

Technology to enable the transformation

Communication to Patients is critical in their care journey, ensuring the right information is shared at the right time via the best channel is a major factor impacting the experience and ultimately the reputation of your Hospital. Our Deloitte Digital team worked hand-in-hand with Clinique Saint-Jean to bring in new capabilities that enable the management of automated and personalised communications to Patients. Salesforce Marketing Cloud was selected as the enabling technology, providing new opportunities to reach out to Patients via different channels from one central place.

In collaboration with Clinique Saint-Jean, an first use case was designed for communications to Patients ensuring they are well-informed and in control of their appointment at the Policlinic.

Patients at the Policlinic can make an appointment via various channels, on- and offline. No matter which channel is used, a personalised confirmation will be directly triggered from Salesforce Marketing Cloud and received via email or SMS. In case Patients would need to update or cancel their appointment, the updated information will directly be re-shared with them. For Patients with an upcoming visit planned, a specific reminder communication will be shared including more precise information about their appointment’s floor, how to get there, as well as details about the newly available kiosks.

All emails and SMS were created directly in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and leveraged templates in line with Clinique Saint-Jean’s branding guidelines. Thanks to their dynamic nature and simple design, the different messages created are always adaptable.

Bringing a new platform to automate communications required our teams to further reflect on our data structure and how to activate it. Deloitte helped us challenge the status quo, supporting us paving the way for a new Patient Experience at Clinique Saint-Jean.

Tine Van Brandt, Project Lead at Clinique Saint-Jean

Transforming processes, supporting your people

No transformation is complete without a dedicated focus on the newly required processes and people. Bringing our expertise to support you in the technology change of your business does not go without helping your teams getting familiar with it so they can draw the expected benefits from the change. Optimizing the Patient experience was initiated through the enablement of new touchpoints bringing new capabilities, but also the close and ongoing collaboration of key stakeholders throughout the process. Over a three-months collaboration period, our team helped Clinique Saint-Jean to define new business cases & processes and brought in new in-house capabilities… but not only! As people are also at the centre of our Deloitte business, we ensured that Clinique Saint-Jean's teams had hands-on experience with this new platform.

Looking forward to the next steps!

And this is only the beginning… the Marketing Automation Platform is opening more doors for optimization of the Patient Journey and Clinique Saint-Jean has further ambitions.

While the new Policlinic was driving the scope of this first implementation, Clinique Saint-Jean has various sites for which they can now scale & grow their capabilities. The platform is ready to support all teams in the expansions of the type and quality of their communications while fostering alignment of business processes across the organization.

Automated communications will for sure support appointment planning & confirmation, but what about capturing direct feedback from your Patients after their visit? There is no better way to improve the care journey than by getting insights directly from the people going through it. What about providing at-hand support and key notifications via mobile devices? Or expanding the automation of communications to Healthcare professionals working with your organization? … There are plenty of ideas in the pipeline, ready to be picked-up and these will continue building on the history of Clinique Saint-Jean.

We are proud to have partnered with the Clinique Saint-Jean’s teams to help them in the first steps of their transformation journey and looking forward to the future Patient Experience.

If you want to know more about Clinique Saint-Jean, visit their website directly via this link.

At Deloitte we are driven by making an impact that matters on the business of our clients. We’re proud to have partnered with Clinique Saint-Jean to support their Patient Experience Transformation enabled by Technology and adopted by their teams.

Kathleen Peeters, Partner & Marketing and Commerce Lead at Deloitte Belgium

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