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Financial Resources Outsourcing

Our professionals complement your finance team

Our Financial Resources team is able to deliver rapidly temporary solutions according to your needs. Experienced administrative employees or specialists in accountancy and financial management will come and reinforce your team where needed.

Temporary or full time support for your financial department

Flexible support for your finance department

A team of flexible and committed employees is ready to fill such positions as: (chief) accountant, finance manager, cost accountant, budget planner, financial planner, controller, project manager, treasury manager, debtor manager, reporting manager, consolidation specialist, audit and administrative employee. 

Key to successful sourcing

Many Belgian companies are facing shortages of financial staff these days. Our Financial Resources team can bring structural solutions based on a “co- sourcing” approach. This is a partnership where all parties together are responsible for the success of the project. Outsourcing can suggest that a company is ceding control of processes to an external party. By contrast, co-sourcing emphasizes the involvement of both parties. We provide you with our high quality in-house professionals, carefully choosing the right person for the right job. 

We provide you with high quality in-house professionals, carefully choosing the right person for the right job. In our many years of experience, we've learned that this is the key to a successful outcome.

When is financial outsourcing the right solution?

Your organisation is in a transition.
You are recruiting a permanent employee, but meanwhile the job has to be done.
You must replace someone during an absence due to illness, maternaty leave or secondment to a specific project.
You need the on-site assistance of a financial expert to drive and implement change.
You are dealing with reorganisation and crisis management, including social negotiations.
You have a workload peak.
You need on-site operational assistance along with the advising consultants during a major systems or transformation project.
Financial support during ERP implementation.

Areas of our Financial Resources expertise

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