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Family business & Estate planning

Securing legacies. Empowering Generations.

Discover our comprehensive private governance services, where tradition meets innovation. From building and safeguarding private wealth to seamlessly transferring both the family wealth, as the family business, to the next generation. We offer a holisitic approach, tailored to your family's and your business' needs.

Navigating success together

Our Private Governance team has a deep understanding of the challenges faced at every stage of life and within family enterprises. Together, we proactively anticipate the unforeseen, harness the strengths of diverse generations, and ensure the seamless continuation of your business and harmony within your family. Let us be your trusted guides in effectively managing and safeguarding your wealth.

Estate planning

From orchestrating impactful family meetings to drafting precise legal documents such as marriage contracts and wills, establishing robust control structures, navigating smooth family transitions, and not only calculating successions but also proactively planning an estate while reducing tasks and other liabilities – we've got you covered. Let's pave the way to your family's enduring legacy together, by delving deep into the challenges you might face.

When to initiate family planning?
How significant is the inheritance tax liability upon my demise?
What strategies can I employ to safeguard my children from misusing the inherited wealth?
Are my children satisfied with the planning to guarantee conflict-free transitions in the future?

Family Stewardship

A holistic guidance for SME family transfers, integrating legal, financial, strategic, talent, tasks and emotional aspects to ensure harmony and continuity across generations. We will tackle any questions that may arise.

Are our children suitable and motivated enough to carry on our legacy?
How should I handle an appealing offer from an external party?
What is the appropriate salary for our children as they join the company?
What steps can I take to maintain the vitality and strength of my company?
How do we ensure an harmonious family while governing a successful business?



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