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ESG Leadership Summit
Tuesday, 12 March 2024 12:30 PM CET


12 Mar.

Tuesday, 12:30 CET

ESG Leadership Summit

ESG Leadership Summit

How to be a sustainable leader

The summit promises an immersive experience, uniting thought leaders, innovators, and sustainability experts representing diverse sectors and industries. 

Contact us if you would like to join us for the ESG Leadership Summit and successfully thrive in sustainability transformations within your organisation.

A unique event, dedicated to Sustainability Transformations

Many organisations have acknowledged the significance of ESG, making it a primary focus in recent years. This realisation fuels our commitment to executing viable transformations over the next decade. Let's collaborate on the challenges that lie ahead!

The summit promises an immersive experience, uniting thought leaders, innovators, and sustainability experts representing diverse sectors and industries. Together with Deloitte experts, industry leaders and esteemed speakers, we will delve into inspiring discussions on pivotal subjects. From navigating new regulations to championing the sustainable social agenda and seizing operational and supply chain opportunities, we will explore actionable strategies to drive substantial value through ESG initiatives.

Be inspired by keynote speaker Koenraad Debackere and learn from our panel discussion with Virginia Janssens, Veronique Toully, Catherine Bals and Géraldine Nolens. Sign up for our breakout sessions to get practical insights, learn from industry use cases, meet our experts and share knowledge with your peers.


The summit promises an immersive experience, uniting thought leaders, innovators, and sustainability experts representing diverse sectors and industries. 

Each breakout session during the event will be facilitated and guided by Deloitte experts. With their expertise, the breakout sessions promise to be engaging, informative, and tailored to provide practical solutions and strategies relevant to the themes explored.

Inspiration (13.30 - 14.15)

1. Sustainability Regulatory Outlook

Explore the latest sustainability regulation development and the EU Green Deal.

2. Future sustainability skills and how to strategically plan for your future workforce

Learn how you can strategically plan the transition towards sustainability skills in your organisation.

3. Pathways to a Low-Carbon Future

Find out how to balance costs and leverage business opportunities to transition your business to net zero.

External speaker: Pierre Fils, Director Group Sustainability at bpostgroup

Challenges (14.45 - 15.30)

4. ESG for the CFO

Explore the pivotal role of the CFO in driving sustainability, navigating financial landscapes with a green lens for a resilient future.

5. Sustainable reward, attraction & retention

Explore the pivotal role ESG plays in shaping future reward programs. Investigate the impact of the push for pay equity and transparency, navigate the nuances of rewarding remote work in the new normal, and acquire effective strategies for recognizing and rewarding ESG skillsets. 

6. The Art of Supply Chain through an ESG lens

Discover how sustainability influences supply chain reputation and transformation, navigating the delicate balance between regulatory compliance and optimization objectives. Join us for an in-depth exploration of practical use cases related to the Sustainable Packaging dimension. From the latest supply chain due diligence regulations to a comprehensive study on reusable packaging (evaluating its pros and cons), we'll also reflect on the Social component. 

Solutions (16.00 - 16:45)

7. Tech as accelerator to Transition

Delve into the strategic steps for establishing ESG data and technology effectively. Join us in paving the way for a seamless transition leveraging technology as a powerful accelerator.

8. Behavioural Change in sustainability transformations

Explore the techniques for triggering the right behaviors. Uncover the power of change management in accelerating sustainability initiatives and fostering stakeholder engagement.

External speakers: Xavier Baeten, Partner and Professor of Reward and Sustainability at Vlerick Business School, and Ann-Françoise Versele, Head of Sustainability at Bekaert.

9. Circular Economy

Accelerating circular growth: what are the bottlenecks and actions needed to scale circularity?

External speakers: Ivonne Bojoh, CEO at Circle Economy, Marc Jamin, Director Government Relations & Public Affairs Europe at SABIC, Stany Vaes, Managing Director at Denuo, and John Wante, Product Policy Advisor at Cabinet Minister of Climate, Environment, Sustainable Development and Green Deal.

Sustainability as a fair process: synchronizing opportunities and challenges

Keynote from Koenraad Debackere, followed by a panel discussion.

Keynote speaker

Koenraad Debackere
Professor KUL and Chairman KBC Group  Panel discussion

Panel discussion

Virginia Janssens
Managing Director at Plastics Europe

Veronique Toully
Senior VP and Global Head of Sustainability, 
Corporate Affairs and Risks at UCB

Catherine Bals
Group Sustainability Department Lead at Proximus

Géraldine Nolens
Executive VP ESG & General Counsel at Umicore


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