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GMOs in the Food Industry: Asset or Risk?

Are GMOs the Solution to Sustainable Food?

As the global population grows, the food industry faces the dual challenge of meeting rising demand for high-quality and safe food, while promoting a sustainable agri-food system. In this context, the role of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is debated: are they an asset or a risk?

Some view GMOs as potential solutions, while others voice concerns about their lasting impact on public health and on the environment. To address these concerns, the EU has set up a strict legal framework with an intricate market access authorization process for food & feed products. A more in-depth analysis on the regulatory framework and presence of GMOs in the food industry can be found here.

Due to recent scientific breakthroughs that lower the risks associated to genetic modifications, the regulator is proposing new legislation for the use and production of GMOs created through novel genomic techniques (NGT) in the food sector. The proposal, published on July 5th 2023, is aimed to open the European market to modified plants obtained through specific NGTs. It strives to support reaching EU climate goals, to enhance the Union's competitiveness in the agri-food sector and at the same time to still protect human & animal health and to preserve the environment.

Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if the proposed amendment of the regulation will succeed in its goal and governments will unquestionably need to invest in educational campaigns to change the public perception before reaching a wide adoption of GMO’s in the European diets.