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Making sense of data with graph technology

Deloitte and Neo4j unified forces to enable organisations to unlock the business value of connections, influences and relationships in data. Deloitte has proven solution delivery capability and developed graph accelerators to facilitate the adoption and leverage the power of graphs across all industries. Together, Deloitte and Neo4j guide the adoption and expansion of graph database technology across all industries to uncover hidden data relationships for improved business insights.

About our Alliance

What is graph technology?

It’s becoming an ever-growing challenge for companies to make sense of the complex data across their enterprise. As a result, it is increasingly difficult to discover the changing needs of customers, improve internal operations, and maintain competitive advantage, among other pressing business priorities. Graph technology is designed to address these and more. It excels at connecting and managing large volumes of highly complex data better than tables and joins.

Graphs are ideal for handling vast and complex troves of data, storing information as connected nodes and relationships. They excel in connecting and managing masses of data to answer complex queries.

Who is Neo4j

?For over 10 years, Neo4j has been recognized as the world’s leader in graph technology combining user-friendly tools with a powerful library of production-ready graph algorithms.

Today, Neo4j is the world’s leading graph data platform. Its graph technology solutions are used by more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and NGOs worldwide. Forrester named Neo4j as a leader in graph data platforms, awarding it the highest possible scores in scalability and performance.

Neo4j’s graph data platform helps transform industries by curbing financial fraud and cybercrime, optimizing global networks, accelerating breakthrough research, providing better recommendations, and more. Graph technology delivers business value due to its unique ability to connect data from diverse sources. It does this by providing real-time transaction processing, advanced AI/ML, intuitive data visualization, pretuned graph algorithms, and other capabilities.

Neo4j’s graph technology operates at petabyte scale and provides high-performance, scalable analytics, intelligent app development, and advanced AI/ML pipelines. Imagine storing complex datasets – with their connections – for fast queries and even faster decision making.

Deloitte and Neo4j Technology Services

Neo4j provides product and technical support to Deloitte’s advisory and implementation services to build graph-powered solutions that help organizations address enterprise-wide data challenges at scale. With the power of graph technology, developers and data scientists can more easily deliver insights that decision makers can act on quickly to achieve strategic business goals.

Available Graph Technology Solutions

  • Neo4j Graph Database
  • Neo4j Graph Data Science

Together, Deloitte and Neo4j have a shared vision of helping customers bring insights and context from ever-growing, highly interconnected datasets to give their businesses a competitive edge. This partnership combines deep industry experience and broad technology implementation capabilities to customers, while providing them a new level of understanding and transparency within their data. This combined leadership transforms businesses, making a significant impact with uncompromised performance.


Offerings and case study


Recommendation systems: Improved efficiency and real time information access can allow companies to make recommendation to their client and pro-actively manage risks with efficient graph algorithms.

Know your Customer: Organization needs more to contextualize their customers with the relationships that exist between them. It allows to truly understand the customer journey to propose a tailored product services.

Fraud detection: 360 Everything can discover hidden patterns and detect suspicious behavior by identifying network inside your data.

Regulatory 360: Unite data silos into a federated graph model to deal with increased regulations when it comes to risk and compliance reporting. Tracing and analyzing their data in a timely and accurate way across the enterprise as well as update their models in real time.

Digital twin: Build a digital twin service powered by a graph technology deepens your visibility into key business processes. Business benefits are tangible: reduced downtime, increased productivity, and reduced cost. More concretely, a company supplying energy can visualize its infrastructure and improve its balance between energy produced and consumed by exploiting data from its networks (smart grid). Also, a city or a telecommunication can use the benefits from the combination of digital twin and graph technology to improve and optimize their infrastructures (route optimization)


Case study

Industry case study: Insurance

Challenge: Customer data from a major Benelux Insurance company was dispersed and incomplete, a situation which leaded to operational ineffiencies and ineffective customer service. Relational data analytical solutions were too limited and too computer intensive.


  • Integrating and enriching insurance data to contextualize customer information.
  • Revealing advanced generated insights on fraud, customer journey and recommendations.
  • One stop-shop application supported by Neo4j graph database for business to search and visualize for information about customer, contracts and claims.


  • ~€2m business value have been identified based on operational efficiency.
  • Strengthening of overall customer portfolio quality as result of preventing harmful or fraudulent activity.

Graph lab

Based on its extensive graph knowledge, Deloitte has developed a one-day workshop framework to identify valuable graph use cases within organizations.

Interested to know how Deloitte can accompany your company in starting its graph journey? Download our Knowledge graph lab presentation.



Deloitte is recognised as a global certified Neo4j Solution Partner with access to a variety of resources, training, tools, and support to build graph solutions. Deloitte has proven solution delivery capabilities and has developed graph accelerators to facilitate their adoption, as well as leveraged the power of graphs across all industries.