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Deloitte launches new EMEA learning campus for 20,000 employees each year

Brussels, 9 July 2024 – Deloitte has launched Deloitte University EMEA (DU EMEA) in Paris, its latest international learning campus. Located in the Val d’Europe area in Paris, France, the state-of-the art learning facility spans more than 22,000 m² and will be available to people from across Deloitte’s member firms in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The facility will welcome approximately 500 delegates every day, offering a range of modern workspaces and 260 bedrooms for overnight accommodation. Deloitte continues to foster an environment where people can learn and grow quickly. During its current fiscal year, Deloitte Belgium offers more than 1,000 practitioners the opportunity to attend the various training programs organised by Deloitte University.

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Key Highlights:

  • New 22,000 m² campus in the Paris region can accommodate 500 Deloitte employees daily;
  • Deloitte University EMEA’s (DU EMEA) new campus is the next step in fulfilling the ambition to shape an international,sustainable learning environment;
  • Facility includes a range of modern workspaces and 260 bedrooms for overnight accommodation;Investment is part of Deloitte’s ongoing commitment to continuous learning and the development of its people across the EMEA region;
  • Dean of Deloitte University EMEA is Belgian Tom Declercq;
  • Deloitte Belgium offers more than 1,000 practitioners the opportunity to attend Deloitte University EMEA this fiscal year.

Deloitte University EMEA will support professional, leadership and industry specific training through carefully selected learning and development experiences. Every year, around 20,000 colleagues will experience the University, including through the promotion milestone programmes for managers, senior managers and directors. 

“Deloitte University EMEA offers an exceptional and memorable learning environment for our people. The campus has been built with an outstanding and sustainable learning experience for our people in mind, helping them practice new skills, share ideas and forge new connections. With over 1,000 colleagues from Deloitte Belgium attending the university every year, we continue to invest in our people to shape the future of our firm.”

Rolf Driesen,
CEO Deloitte Belgium

Deloitte Belgium welcomes both young graduates and experienced people every year in its different businesses. They undergo a steep learning curve supported by continuous investment in learning and development. On annual basis Deloitte Belgium invests an average of 46 hours of training for each of its employees with a focus on skills relevant to the job market today and in the future.

“In addition to technical and sector-specific expertise, Deloitte focuses on developing broad competencies and skills, such as innovative thinking, methodological work, digital literacy, working cross border. Our people embark on a professional journey, amassing a wealth of knowledge and skills. They carry it through their careers, even as they transition to new employers. In doing so, we actually contribute to futureproofing Belgian enterprises so they can meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

Rolf Driesen,
CEO Deloitte Belgium

"Deloitte University has been designed to foster connections among colleagues and encourage collaboration. A distinctive feature of Deloitte University EMEA is its leader-led approach. Senior leaders actively participate in the training and development programs, sharing their expertise and real-world experiences. This engagement from top leadership underscores the importance of continuous learning and sets a powerful example for all our employees. It ensures that the training is not only theoretically sound but also practically relevant, grounded in the realities of the business world."

Tom Declercq,
Dean of Deloitte University EMEA

In 2016, Deloitte selected the Paris region out of 88 sites to host the campus. The location was selected against a range of sustainability, transportation, and accessibility criteria, as well as its proximity to the French capital.

The facility meets high sustainability standards, notably through the use of sustainable materials and renewable energy, as well as the installation of water and green spaces to promote biodiversity across the site. Built in Bailly-Romainvilliers and in Magny-le-hongre, Seine-et-Marne, Deloitte University EMEA stands out as a large-scale and innovative project within an urban and economic hub. 

The campus has been designed in collaboration with Dubuisson Architecture, as well as developer Nexity, and operator Châteauform.


What is Deloitte University?


Deloitte University (DU) is one of the most visible and important investments Deloitte makes in its people. It is also the global cornerstone of our culture, supporting the firm’s shared values and our purpose of making an impact that matters on people, clients, and society. Through our six DU locations around the world (Paris – France, Westlake – US, Mexico City – Mexico, Toronto – Canada, Hyderabad – India, Singapore – Asia Pacific), Deloitte delivers an unparalleled talent development experience for our professionals, developing the leaders of today and tomorrow. 

The leader-led curriculum connects individuals and teams, with common immersive learning methodologies ensuring a cohesive approach for leadership, professional skills and industry learning. This allows our professionals to show best practice leadership, build skills of the future and provide versatile and informed responses to client challenges, enriched by diverse perspectives.