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Our journey towards a more sustainable future

Embracing impactful sustainability

At Deloitte, we strive to live our Purpose every day, which is to make an impact that matters for our clients, for our people, and for society. We know that it’s not possible to be a leader in today’s world without prioritising sustainability.
As part of a global network, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to positively contribute to a more sustainable world.

By leveraging our worldwide position and guided by our set of Shared Values, we’re taking a pioneering and proactive stance to lead the way with the environment in mind.

Our impact areas

We identified four main focus areas: Mobility, International travel, Infrastructure and Greening up our firm. In each section, we elaborate further on how we’re prioritising sustainability and meeting ambitious green goals.

Our global impact

World Climate is our transformation to become a sustainable firm, with science-led targets for reducing our carbon footprint.

This requires holistic thought and action, so we’re making sustainability central to how we work. We’re inspiring and empowering our people to own the change, collaborating with external partners and sharing the experience with our clients.

Our local impact

For our firm, sustainability means being part of the next generation of companies that operate from an environment-first mindset to improve ecosystems, rebuild communities, and restore nature.

Acting in a regenerative way, we prioritise the environment by encouraging our people to make eco-friendly choices at work and home, and transition to a low-carbon economy.

Over the last six years, Deloitte Belgium had succeeded in cutting CO2 emissions by 54%. This achievement was the result of diverse initiatives in our impact areas, largely mobility. This strong start puts our organisation on a clear roadmap towards achieving its commitment to science-based net-zero with 2030 goals.