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Digital Finance

We leverage intelligent automation technologies to create fast, low-touch & high-precision Finance Operations and maximize impact for Finance professionals and their customers.

Deloitte’s Digital Finance services look at Finance performance from a process lens to help you transform and optimize day-to-day transactional functions central to the role of finance departments through Intelligent Automation. We help create fast, low-touch & high-precision Finance Operations and help CFOs bring advanced insights and impactful experiences to their teams and in their interactions with the Business.

As the pace of change is increasing exponentially and new technology proliferate, organizations are coming under pressure to rethink not just their finance strategy but also their entire digital transformation approach. At Deloitte, we advise and support our clients to define their strategy and leverage emerging technologies in order to rethink their transactional processes with a focus on the following principles:

  • Intelligent automation: We apply a variety of automation options and solutions in an intelligent way such that the desired outcomes are achieved effectively, efficiently and sustainably. We automate processes in order to help you spend time only on added value activities, reinforcing satisfaction at work by taking the robot out of the people.
  • Advanced Insights: Our professionals work in all key areas of Finance to help you improve the quality & speed of your processes. We help you refocus on your role as a business partner by ensuring processes deliver relevant and accurate insights, allowing you to better support business in decision-making through predictive insights at unparalleled speed.
  • Impactful experiences: We help CFOs and their teams to use digital technologies to redefine the “Finance experience”. By deploying impactful, intuitive, easily accessible tools, that are available anywhere, anytime, we aim to improve the Finance customers’ experience. By deploying tools that automate (parts of) the underlying processes and provide easy access to insights, we aim to improve the Finance team’s experience.

Our teams typically take an outside-in perspective to help you rethink how your Finance operations could be delivered, focusing on your clients’ experience as well as your internal efficiency. We do so by looking at your organization, processes, systems and data.

We apply these principles when streamlining systems and processes namely by Eliminating – Simplifying – Standardizing and Automating activities. Examples of digital technologies that we use include (but are not limited to):

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (for specific tasks automation)
  • Machine Learning automation (for end-to-end automation)
  • Natural Language Generation (NLG) (for reporting automation)
  • Digital Boardrooms (to generate new reporting experiences)

Our strength resides in our unique ability to support you on all aspects of your digitalization journey: on strategical, functional and technical aspects, while keeping a focus on organization and people-related impacts.

This is how we have built a team that excels in its focus on core operational processes such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, record to report and more foundational elements for enabling top-line business strategies.

Automation with Intelligence

Our image of the robot, shaped by popular culture and modern‑day fairy tales, is one of contradictions, partly rooted in our fear of the unknown. Robots are regarded as unintelligible intelligent machines, heralding a dark dystopian near future, first in our homes and then in our workplaces; or they are seen as digital co‑workers, who help us be more human by taking on our most tedious tasks, freeing us to create, collaborate and communicate. Our ability to reimagine work, society, the climate and the economy will determine what becomes of the robots of the near future. How we use and benefit from any kind of intelligent automation, robots included, depends on us: humans.

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Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation automates report generation, augmenting humans by shifting their role from data crunching to decision-making. 

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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a disruptive technology that allows organisations to automate business processes in a controlled, flexible and scalable way.

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Digital Order to Cash Transformation

In the current situation, businesses have responded to the impact of Covid-19 by takingimmediate action to continue their daily activities with a strong focus on generatingand preserving cash. Consequently, normalizing the business core activities as soon aspossible is key to recover from the crisis caused by the global pandemic.

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Deloitte Advanced AP Automation

Deloitte Advanced AP Automation is a combined solution & service that will help you increase invoice handling productivity per AP employee up to 5 times. Our solution combines Intelligent Optical Character Recognition and Machine Learning to automate the end to end Invoice Processing.

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