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Chemical Regulatory Compliance: A Formula for Success

A unique partnership turning compliance into sustainable growth

A wide range of companies across many sectors face rising challenges as they have to operate in an economic reality where an increasingly complex regulatory legislative framework (REACH, CLP, PPP, BPR, EU Green Deal) may hamper access to the market - How do you navigate in a constantly changing regulatory landscape driven by increased societal awareness?

We support companies across many sectors how to navigate and be successful in a constantly changing regulatory landscape.

The growing awareness of authorities and consumers who are demanding greater sustainability of industrial products and processes, can no longer be ignored. Being compliant with existing and upcoming chemical substance regulations already surpassed the realm of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) committees.

The choices to be made, may have far-reaching ramifications on the economic and financial performance, liability and business strategy of a company as a whole.

REACH entered into force in 2007. Since then almost 23,000 substances have been registered within the EU, and REACH-like regulations have been rolled out internationally. Currently, as the focus is shifting from registration to evaluation and enforcement, companies will have to check if they comply with all the conditions as stipulated in the REACH registration files to ensure they do not face sudden interruption in their supply chain.

The partnership between Deloitte and ARCHE consulting offers a unique platform able to cope with any particular challenge chemical regulations may pose.

Whether you are a chemical company, a group of companies (industry association, task force, consortium), an investor or a financial institution, we can offer you an end-to-end solution tailored to your needs.

We will help you to pave the road to success and sustainable growth in a constantly changing regulatory landscape.

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