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Equity and Incentives

Incentive plans that motivate employees and propel the business forward

Design and implement incentive plans to support your business aspirations

An effective employee incentive plan goes beyond financial compensation. It can attract, retain, and motivate high-calibre talent while achieving business goals and reinforcing company values.

Successful collaboration among stakeholders and HR, legal, tax and accounting subject matter experts are important to design and implement effective equity and incentive programmes. At Deloitte, we work with clients from fast-growing startups to large multinationals to help them design, implement, operate and communicate employee incentives programmes that support key business objectives.

Deloitte’s network of globally based incentive specialists can help with plan design, governance, compliance, tax, legal and regulatory, operations, communications, accounting and finance. This multidisciplinary approach allows Deloitte to provide a breadth and depth of support from equity plan inception to ongoing operations. This includes understanding the costs of new arrangements, delivering legal documents in some jurisdictions, drafting employee incentives communications and, helping the client manage compliance.

At Deloitte, we offer:

  • An objective, independent perspective on employee equity and incentives
  • A collaborative approach tailored to an organisation’s needs
  • Access to equity and incentive trend analysis and thought leadership
  • Databases and data mining tools that enable fact-based equity analysis, employee incentive benchmarking and decision-making
  • Access to extensive tax, accounting and corporate governance knowledge and experience

Using technology to improve compliance and the employee experience

GA Incentives can enable your company to manage your global equity compliance more effectively. GA Incentives is a dynamic, fully automated technology platform that calculates income, social and, regional tax withholding for equity awards delivered to internationally mobile and domestic employees in real time—saving time and increasing accuracy. GA Incentives also calculates reportable amounts for both employer and employee in each applicable jurisdiction.

Retirement and pension planning

An important component of employee incentive packages is retirement benefits and pension. Deloitte’s services include:

  • Pension and benefit package design that supports company objectives while satisfying regulatory, tax and compliance requirements.
  • Global income tax inclusion and treaty protection guidance for pension and benefits.
  • Distribution analysis when a globally mobile employee retires.

Communication is key

Mobile employees can find it difficult to navigate the regulatory, tax and compliance obligations of incentive plans in the countries they work. The most effective global incentive, equity and, reward plans are transparent and well understood by employees. This means employee communications about global incentive plans should not only inform employees so that can stay compliant, but also make them feel engaged and motivated to stay longer.

Deloitte’s specialist creative agency, Stitch Communications, can develop on-brand employee communications that are clear, timely and concise. Intelligent, results-driven global employee communications can help meet your strategic business objective through emotive, smart and articulate campaigns that talk to your people, in a way they understand.