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Workplace integrity

We are the leader in workplace integrity and wage compliance services. Our Workplace Integrity practice brings together data analytics, workplace relations, employment taxes, risk and controls expertise to develop the right solutions for your most complex workplace relations challenges.

Accelerate your business through a fit for future workplace relations strategy

Australian business is grappling with the most complex labour regulation in the world.

Now, more than ever, businesses know that their people are their greatest asset.

We help our clients get comfort and confidence their intentions to do the right thing are achieved - that their culture, systems, processes and controls are effectively delivering on their workplace obligations.

But this is more than looking back: we support our clients enhance the integrity of their workplace relations frameworks through expert strategic advice and prevention solutions.

Many businesses are finding their workplace rules and instruments are out of step with their business needs. In a post-COVID-19 labour market, it has never been more critical to attract, retain and deploy talent in a deliberate and agile way.

Our Workplace Integrity practice fuses data analytics with deep workplace relations expertise, integrating capabilities in risk, processes and controls. Put simply, we help our clients design a workplace relations framework that drives their business strategy.

Our approach to workplace relations and sustainable compliance

There’s no wrong place, or time to start your journey in achieving sustainable, streamlined workplace relations come. We help ourplianc clients at every stage and make sure whatever service we provide is considered as part of this workplace integrity cycle.

Our workplace integrity solutionsWe know every organisation and every situation is unique. That’s why we always work with you to define what solution or combination of solutions is best suited to address your specific needs. We’ve listed some of our most common solutions below.

  • Discovery: Review your current state: payroll spend and distribution, industrial instruments, policies, employment contracts and culture to benchmark your workplace relations maturity and identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Remediation: Using our PaySmart platform, we can quantify over- and under-payments and then support your engagement with stakeholders to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Independent expert: Quality assurance of work you have done to give you and your stakeholders confidence that you have got it right.
  • Sustainable compliance: Co-develop workplace relations and employee entitlement compliance frameworks to meet future workforce needs and ongoing compliance informed by community and regulatory expectations.
  • Strategy: Co-develop a workplace relations strategy to ensure the workforce and underlying arrangements align with and enable your future business needs.
  • Optimisation: Data analytics, metrics and insight to optimise your employment arrangements and workforce spend.

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