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Palo Alto Networks

Deloitte and Palo Alto Networks

Our Alliance

Organisations’ attack surfaces are growing rapidly due to increased remote working, cloud adoption, and proliferating endpoints, including IoT devices. Meanwhile, multi-vendor security stacks grow ever more complex and cybersecurity experts remain in short supply.

How do organisations drive digital transformation while keeping their businesses secure—and without increasing budgets or complexity? How can they maximise limited resources to defend against cyber attacks?

Deloitte and Palo Alto Networks’ alliance answers these questions. By integrating the platforms and products of Palo Alto Networks with the strategic advice, engineering skills, and business aligned cyber methodologies of Deloitte, we:

Simplify complex environments to realise the full value of cybersecurity solutions.

  • Replace a patchwork of tools with a seamless, end-to-end approach to cybersecurity.
  • Accelerate digital initiatives with an integrated cybersecurity foundation.

Our joint solutions address the latest cybersecurity trends:

Zero Trust

Zero Trust eliminates implicit trust and continuously validates every stage of a digital transaction. If implemented properly, this strategy reduces complexity while increasing security and efficiency.

Our joint solution accelerates Zero Trust adoption by embedding Palo Alto Networks’ platform into Deloitte’s Zero Trust reference architecture portfolio. This helps clients leverage new capabilities and opportunities to address cyber risks, while becoming more agile and efficient.

Multi-Cloud Security

Multi-cloud allows organisations to select the benefits and features from multiple cloud providers. Multi-cloud deployments also lead to a higher level of complexity and an increased attack surface for adversaries to exploit.

Our joint solution combines Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma suite of cloud security products with Deloitte’s threat led approach to cyber risk. Our solution provides views for executives and practitioners by giving traceability from enterprise-wide security architectures to the specific cloud security controls in operation across multiple cloud environments.

Attack Surface Management

Business strategies around technology and digital transformation are constantly evolving. Modern enterprises are complex environments, often with thousands or tens of thousands of pathways into them from an increasingly hostile connected world. Even when an organisation is sure they are aware of all these pathways, protecting them is an increasingly difficult job especially with the increasing numbers of IoT devices.

Our joint solution utilises Expanse from Palo Alto Networks in combination with Deloitte's award-winning penetration testing and red teams. The solution first identifies known, and then unknown Internet-facing assets mapping out the overall organisational attack surface. The solution enables the organisation to identify, prioritise and remediate vulnerabilities before attackers do, providing proactive cyber risk and attack surface management.

Managed SOC Automation (SOAR-as-Service)

Deloitte’s SOAR-as-a-Service provides orchestration, automation and security response capabilities by integrating tools and processes. Using Palo Alto X-SOAR, the service ingests security alert data, logs and other information which triggers playbooks responsible for automating response workflows, tasks and orchestrating processes.
Deloitte’s SOAR-as-Service includes Playbook creation, API integration, and Playbook and integration maintenance. Deloitte can take over an existing deployment or implement SOAR within an existing Security Operations Centre.