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ACSC Essential 8 Maturity

Monitor your Essential 8 compliance with the Deloitte Splunk App

At Deloitte we help organisations on their Essential 8 maturity journey through our continuous visibility solution that delivers real-time insights to enable the uplift and ongoing monitoring of Essential 8 controls.

Essential 8 (E8) compliance can be complex. IT environments are continually evolving requiring solutions that support ongoing risk-based insights into current state maturity. Built on the Splunk platform, our app integrates self-assessment with monitoring of key systems and applications alongside expert consulting to help implement ongoing compliance monitoring

Transition away from point in time manual assessments to understanding current state of maturity in real-time for improved management of risks, through well-defined mitigation strategies. Incorporate a risk-based approach to conducting assessments and mitigate the impact of non-compliance proactively to drive maturity uplift.

Combine active monitoring with integrated self-assessment to gain comprehensive understanding of both the effectiveness and the level of success of mitigation strategies such as back up, patching and application whitelisting.

Enable your organisation and Agency clusters to measure Essential 8 maturity across the portfolio through delivery of an aggregate view of the cluster to help support unified and consistent approaches for addressing security challenges.

Deloitte value delivered and outcomes
  • Maturity Dashboards
    Series of dashboards that provide an at-a-glance view of organisational E8 maturity
  • Take Action Immediately
    Using Splunk monitoring functionality, changes to the E8 maturity can trigger alerting so that remediation tasking can occur immediately.
  • Continuous Automated Monitoring
    Continuous maturity assessment of each of the E8 mitigation strategies, reducing manual checks and enabling evidence-based self-assessment
  • Optimise Existing Investments
    Leverage existing Splunk investments and optimise Splunk platform by supporting adoption of Security and IT use cases
  • State & Federal Government Experience
    In-depth Splunk capability delivering Splunk solutions across both State and Federal Government
  • Risk Management Advice
    Deloitte have proven experience in advising Clients to effectively mitigate risks and uplift their security maturity.


Essential 8 Assessment and Monitoring Tool
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ACSC Essential 8 Maturity

Avoid compliance for compliance’s sake and shift to a “culture” of risk management that helps to reduce the compliance burden and insights and value.

The threat and risk landscape changes impacting ongoing E8 compliance. Real-time monitoring and alerting help identify challenges and prompt action.

Prioritise areas for uplift based on proportional risk and establish target maturities that address organizational requirements.

Projects typically address initial compliance. Organisational change is a common cause of visibility drift and so continuous monitoring and asset detection is key.

Adopting a tried and tested approach to assessments can help avoid inconsistent results, drive accurate, evidence-based and repeatable maturity reviews.