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Bullying & harassment and misconduct investigations

Act swiftly to investigate, manage and resolve disruptive workplace complaints

Deloitte’s trusted investigation services assist business manage bullying and harassment complaints through to timely resolution, minimising business disruption and allowing executives to make informed decisions to manage the risk and minimise the potential for reputational damage.

Bullying & harassment, misconduct and behavioural related complaints not only impact the well-being of individuals directly involved but when left unattended quickly permeate throughout the workplace negatively impacting the workforce at large resulting in distraction from work, loss of productivity, absenteeism, inefficiency, loss of confidence in management and long lasting degradation in organisational culture and values.

Executives are unable to make sound decisions relating to the persons involved in allegations unless they have clear, unambiguous facts obtained by an independent, expert investigation team.  

More serious complaints crystallize into workers compensation claims, litigation and intervention by the Regulator exposing the business to unnecessary cost and management to the risk of breaching their personal duty of care, adverse publicity and reputational damage. 

Complaints are all too often underestimated and left unattended when perceived as ‘minor’ or lacking legitimacy. Businesses must act swiftly by independently and objectively investigating complaints in a transparent and robust manner so as to validate the seriousness with which a complaint is taken, inform a timely response directed toward final resolution and restoration of business operations.

Our national investigations team comprising former police detectives, commissioned police officers and senior workplace safety prosecutors bring a depth of investigative experience, integrity and insight into the complex nature of bullying & harassment, misconduct and behavioural related complaints.

Our team has been entrusted by business, legal practitioners and government agencies to undertake workplace investigations on their behalf for over 20 years. 

We recognise the emotive nature of investigations in the nature of bullying & harassment, misconduct and behavioural related matters compels a sensitive, discrete and professional approach as much as it does a technically proficient one and, for those reasons, we only provide senior and experienced investigators well-versed in the complexity of such investigations who possess interpersonal skills sensitive to the far reaching effects upon on individuals and businesses.

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