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Risk intelligent culture

Accelerating COVID-19 recovery

This report explores the critical role of risk culture, underpinned by ethical foundations of purpose and values, to accelerate recovery into thriving and new world resilience.

As the COVID-19 pandemic erupted, businesses focused on the initial crisis response. Leaders are now focusing on the strategies to drive recovery and enable their organisation to thrive again.

This report, from our Risk Culture experts in the UK and Australia, explains how transformation to a risk intelligent culture can enable innovation and growth, while protecting against further loss or damage to the organisation, its people, customers and stakeholders.

We provide guidance that will help you strengthen your risk culture by considering:

  • Managing the rapidly changing risk profile
  • Developing a purpose-led risk culture
  • Navigating the ethical uncertainty of decisions under pressure
  • Building leadership capability to shape the risk culture for the new normal
  • Improving mental health and risk culture simultaneously.

This report is applicable to readers who are accountable for risk culture, assessing risk culture, setting organisations’ business and risk strategies and objectives; and nurturing their people and talent and conduct to their customers.

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