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JSG work and capabilities

One-stop service for Japanese companies

The Japanese Services Group is a one-stop-source for Japan-related services demanded in Australian market including audit, advisory tax and consulting. Here are some more details of our capabilities to give you better ideas of each cases.


Mergers and Acquisitions

In recent years, Australia's stable and robust investment environment has proved to be an attractive destination for direct investment from Japan into iconic domestic companies across a range of sectors. With this trend looking set to continue, at Deloitte, the Japan-Australia M&A team holds collaboration as the key to providing integrated services in both Japan and Australia.

Our team advises supports Japanese companies with target market research and target screening, negotiation supports and other advisory services such as valuation, financial and tax due diligence, as well as post-merger integration supports in relation to IT, accounting, and governance structures.

Lead contact: Jamie Irving
Bilingual contact: Yoshitaka Shinozuka

Audit and Financial Reporting Services

Australia has a well-developed body of accounting and tax regulations requiring companies to have strong governance and transparency measures in place. In the last few years, additional requirements regarding financial reporting disclosures have increasingly taken into account tax considerations, alongside significant hikes in penalties for non-compliance.

In JSG, our bilingual team of audit are embedded in the audit team and providing, statutory audit, review engagement and agreed upon procedures as well as providing accounting advisory services. Our professionals possess a wealth of experience in resolving accounting issues and are particularly sensitive to the unique challenges that many Japanese firms face in the early stages of business operations.

Lead contact: Shinji Tsutsui
Bilingual contact: Hide Matsuura Takeru Ando

Individual Expat Tax and Immigration Supports

For companies with global operations, employee mobility is often a key component of their strategic plans. Among the most serious challenges businesses face today is compliance with multifaceted tax laws and immigration laws, as well as local labour regulations. We offer a comprehensive range of expatriate services, plans and strategies that can help transform global employment programs in a tax- and cost-efficient manner.

Our network of JSG professionals work closely with the Deloitte mobility team in assisting expatriates with visa approvals and income tax-related services. The bilingual and bicultural capabilities of our JSG professionals allow for tax advice that is sensitive to the needs of the individual expatriate.

Lead contact: Chris Masterman
Bilingual contact: Ken Nishida (Individual expat tax)  ・ Sasha Grimm (Immigration supports)

Corporate tax and Company Set-up Services

Australian laws and regulations for corporate and relevant taxes are complex and more frequently updated compared to Japan. Japanese multinationals, that usually have a large number of dealings, investments and financial transactions with overseas entities in group, need to give adequate consideration to tax risk and advantage since not only corporate tax but also transfer pricing and international tax may significantly affect.

With close liaison with Deloitte Japan (Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co.), JSG provides our clients with services and advices that adequately consider the tax implications of Japan and Australia. JSG also offers regular updates via seminars and publications to assist you in keeping abreast of the latest tax developments and trends.

Lead contact: Chris Masterman
Bilingual contact: Ken Nishida ・ Daisuke Nagata

Technology Consulting

The Australian market continues to focus on enabling business transformation through innovative systems and processes. Relentless disruption requires organisations to embrace more than iterative change and challenges leaders to embrace end-to-end transformation that encompasses all aspects of their strategy and operations.

In JSG, our bilingual specialists collaborating with Deloitte consulting teams across the globe give you leading business solutions in developing and executing transformation strategies and programs. We leverage enterprise applications such as SAP S/4HANA coupled with Deloitte’s Kinetic Enterprise and re-imagine platform to deliver business focused outcomes in information management, data analytics, risk, cyber security, and digital strategy.

Lead contact: James Stone
Bilingual contact: Naoki Matsushita

Governance, Risk and Internal Control

The recent issues around wages underpayment, compliance breach, cross-border business transactions, technology and cyber, as well as changing regulatory landscape have been driving companies to increase the focus on their governance, risk and internal control management programs. Investors, regulators, and customers increasingly expect companies to be able to adequately manage their risks, from operations, financials, technology through to compliance. For Japanese companies, this may mean putting in place an appropriate and robust governance framework that goes beyond the existing J-SOX financial reporting requirement to encompass multiple governance and risk aspects of the business.

JSG leverages Deloitte's extensive knowledge of risk management to provide you with access to the latest, relevant information. Together with our risk and compliance practitioners, we help Japanese companies assess their end-to-end risks, establish their risk management structure, and develop their risk management monitoring and reporting. JSG also holds workshops and seminars tailored to specific client issues and risk management.

Lead contact: David Boyd
Bilingual contact: Wenda Gumulya