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Black Ink®

Keeping your clients on track

What is Black Ink?

Deloitte Black Ink is a professional advisor network led by the partners in Deloitte Turnaround & Restructuring who advise SME businesses every day. We work alongside trusted advisers — accountants, lawyers, and financiers — to help solve complex problems for their clients.

We help advisers with out-of-the box problems faced by their clients, particularly when there is financial stress or distress. As SME insolvency experts we understand the need for straight talk and custom solutions, delivered in a cost competitive way.

What does membership look like?

Membership, and our initial consultation, is free. As a member, you will receive invitations to our regular seminars and webinars, breakfast networking functions, and SME-focused thought leadership. We also help our members to troubleshoot out-of-the-box problems for their clients. We regularly take calls, to help our members find the right solutions for their clients — an introduction, turnaround advice, negotiations with creditors/landlords or a formal restructure.

When should you call us:

How we will work with you

Business owners are not always quick to ask for help and often white knuckle through financial distress. We can help you to identify when there is a problem and take the right action at the right time.

Has your client stopped providing information? Is there an unexplained drop in revenue or rising creditor values? We’ll help you ask the right questions to solve your client’s problems.

We know that most advisers are excellent general practitioners. You don’t need to know all the answers, you just need to know who to call for specialist advice. We’re here to help with that advice. A quick phone call, a review of some financials or a more in-depth dive into your client’s situation. We’re ready to work through the issues to help you advise your client.

We understand that speed is essential. We’re agile SME experts. We will meet with you and your client as soon as possible.

Often, the fastest way to understand an issue is to meet face to face. We’ll review initial information and then meet with you and your client to explore solutions.

When you are a member of our network, we’ll invest in you at no cost. To help you and to help your clients.

Whether we provide a second opinion, a formal restructure or connect you with other experts, we’ll work closely with you to complement your knowledge and develop custom solutions that generate real and long-term results for your clients.